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Brock Lesnar’s WWE Return, Divorce of the Shield and Other Notes

If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it – just make it better.

[adinserter block=”1″]That is what Triple H was trying to do on Monday night when he shook hands with the devil himself, Brock Lesnar on the final WWE Raw of the year.

On a show that saw CM Punk continue to systematically break up The Shield and Stephanie McMahon announce the Royal Rumble main event between Randy Orton and John Cena, Triple H trumped everyone with the announcement of the “The Beast” making his return to the WWE.


The WWE Universe may have just seen the new face of the company as the man, who was rumored to be toying with a return to MMA and the UFC, struck fear in every wrestler in the locker room. What this means to the company is as simple as six words – Brock Lesnar is good for business.

While I wrote earlier in the week that part-time wrestlers are not a good thing for the WWE, having Lesnar on board does a few things for the company with feuds, fan loyalties and a potential feud between Orton and Lesnar with wrestling’s first family on both sides of the ring.

Does a Lesnar/Orton feud with Triple H on one side and Stephanie McMahon on the other become that much more realistic at WrestleMania XXX? I looks like it is a real possibility. It could also be an attempt at a unholy union between Triple H and the man who tried to destroy him – Paul Heyman.

The only way this all works is if Heyman’s pure genius is included in this program. And if Lesnar is there and Heyman is there – does Orton become the apple of the intentions of the COO of the company? What happens to Batista upon his return on January 20?

Can this all work, or will it backfire on the company for doing too much in a short amount of time? This is not the 1980s where the roster was set for tiers of competition. Everyone wants the brass ring and both Lesnar and Batista will be thrown into the mix for the new WWE World Title.

It’s fun, it’s exciting, but if it does not work, then it isn’t worth the paper the program was written on.

Get Dixie Carter off television

Eric Bischoff is no longer on television. Hulk Hogan has followed suit. Now it is Dixie Carter’s turn to hide behind the camera.

Carter’s recent time in front of the screen is really hurting TNA Impact Wrestling.

The recent run and copy-cat programs of the WWE is destroying the product. The new TNA Champion, Magnus is part of an “Authority-like” program. Carter is trying to do her best Stephanie McMahon impression. And the current state of uncertainty makes everything look too planned to robotic and downright abusive to the state of wrestling in general.

Get Carter off the camera – not because she cannot act, not because she is fails at promos (which are both true) but mainly because she is hurting the product more than it is already in pain.

Reigns taking over

It will not belong before the divorce papers have been sent to The Shield and the three “Hounds of Justice” will walk their own paths. And in the end, Roman Reigns will be the leader coming out of the pack.

He can thank CM Punk for taking The Shield to another level in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]By beating Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in consecutive weeks, it now becomes Reigns turn to try and beat the “Best in the World.” In the process, you see the work being done to build a script that cannot be played too quickly.

In the end, Reigns will reign supreme and a feud between he and Punk will evolve.

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