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Brock Lesnar Would Be Welcomed Back Into The UFC

Don’t count out a Brock Lesnar return to the UFC just yet. UFC president Dana White recently addressed the media and the subject of the former UFC and current WWE superstar returning came up. If it was up to the prez, he’d welcome him back in a minute.

[adinserter block=”2″]White addressed a number of subjects with the MMA media on Thursday. Not surprisingly, the topic of Brock Lesnar came up. Lesnar and White made news a few months back after their infamous meeting. According to White, the meeting didn’t go well.

The meeting we had didn’t really go very well. It wasn’t a great meeting. It was probably one of the worst meetings we’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar. I honestly have not talked to him since, so I don’t know where we are at. All the stuff you are seeing on the Internet is typical Internet bullsh*t. I don’t know. It was really bad. It was the worst meeting I’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar. In my opinion, it couldn’t have gone worse.

The meeting did not go well. Probably the worst meeting we’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar, and I haven’t talked to him since.” White wouldn’t get into the specifics, “It’s one of those things (where) it’s not worth getting into it publicly,” he said. “It’s not worth getting into the B.S. over it.

At the time I speculated that those rumors could be planted by White to throw off the media and deflect any potential contract tampering issues. Although I could never see that being an issue since the UFC could have held onto Brock’s rights in the first place. Whether that was the case or not, White was not as coy this time around.

White was asked whether Brock would be welcomed back to the octagon when his WWE deal is up. White responded.

His deal with us was done and that was it,” he said. “Sure, I would bring Brock back. If Brock wanted to fight in the UFC, I would do it.

I don’t think the answer is a real shock to anyone. Of course he’d take him back. Dana recently listed the biggest draws in the UFC but left Brock off. However, the fact of the matter is that Brock was the biggest draw the UFC ever had. The record set for UFC 100 headlined by Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir is still in standing over two years later and in no danger of being broken. Why wouldn’t Dana welcome back his biggest all-time draw?

But would Brock even go back? Brock reportedly signed a $5 million deal with the WWE for one year and limited dates back in April. Brock’s deal will be up this April and at that time he can negotiate with anyone. Just this week the estimated SummerSlam 2012 buyrate leaked which saw a dramatic increase in buys, credited to Brock Lesnar. Would Brock make more money in the UFC? Probably, but would it be worth the work he’d have to put in for camps? If Brock can get a better deal, say $8 million for one year and limited dates from the WWE, it would be hard for him to turn that down to return the grueling world of MMA.

Although I should point out that this interview only helped Brock’s WWE negotiations. For all I know this was a favor from Dana to Brock but that is a bit cynical I will admit.

The UFC desperately needs Brock’s star-power. There are less mega-draws than ever in the UFC. The heavyweight division in particular is a three-man show at this point with Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez, and Junior Dos Santos. Brock vs. Frank Mir in a third fight could meet or top their number set at UFC 100. That is a lot of money for Brock Lesnar and the UFC to leave on the table for one camp and one fight.

[adinserter block=”1″]Brock’s health is always a concern. Brock can work a limited WWE schedule without a problem at this point. Wrestling once every three months and training in a lengthy camp are two very different things. While Brock has never ruled out a return to fighting, it may be something physically he just can’t do at this point in his life.

April 2013 is going to be a very fun month to follow Brock Lesnar, that’s for sure.

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  1. gone is the era of gracie vs kimo .the era of , jon jones v machida is here…underground to mainstream. brock did a good job selling mma. he brought a huge audience with him. in africa for instance almost no one knew of the ufc or mma .but brock made news there. now not only do africans fight in the ufc, but they have their own mma promotions. that speaks volume to the globalization of mma which imho is more than just being " the bad guy". what brock accomplished in his short tenure is remarkable and rare. few can accomplish that even in a full career. futher more speaking of his act after the mir fight ,you and millions of others still remember that moment. yes cos it was significant and ingenious . now we have mma shows on tv. its espn, the light shows the entrance music its bruce buffer, its ufc on fox its the post and pre fight press conffrence and the weigh ins with 50k sreaming fans. I too have been a fan since ufc 1 and was sad to see gracie tap to hughes, but if ed sabol and al davis can make the nfl hall of fame, and rightfully so, brock should.

  2. blackhawk no weight class, no structure, the fighters were not well rounded. I remember a fighter with boxing gloves fighting against another with bare knuckles. gracie with his bjj was a mismatch for most of those fighters; not to discount what they did, but comparing fighters from now to then is like apple to oranges. todays fighters are faster stronger and more athletic. can you visualize gracie fighting overeem? or jon jones v dan savern? would anyone consider a brock versus urijah ? its unfair to discount brocks opponents.
    beating 4 guys in a night is impressive but over rated .Ill take jon jones or silva's streak instead any day. , it proves you had the best match up. by the time rampage makes it through mighty mouse, urijah, then kimbo slice to face a brock who has fought overeem, dos santos and jon jones the same night …eyes swollen shut, broken ribs may be a concussion at this point …where is the compettition in that ?
    boxing, football, baseball,basketball they have all evolved . the arrival of brock was not the beggining but a confirmation of a renaissance for mma; a new phase of the evolution of the sport.

  3. the line between performance and ticket sales was blured when championship fights were given based on ppv, ticket sales and entertainment value. when wanderlei and chuck, or tito and shamrock were using side shows to hype their fights. when wwe type marketing took the place of i.e blood sport ideology, when the ufc went from underground to mainstream. Look, contrary to what some of the "old lions" like vitor and tito might think, lets face it todays fighters are bigger faster stronger and well versed in several diciplines. there is structure now. you wont see urijah fighting big foot silva anytime soon. you wont see boxers with boxing gloves fighting bjj specialist. these are two diffrent eras of the sport and almost like comparing apples to oranges. Lets continue with baseball as an example; juiced or not. corked bats or not. sosa, mcguire and bonds belong in the hall of fame, because baseball as we knew it was on its death bed until the shot in the arm these guys gave that sport a second or third lease on life. same with the ufc. bright lights theme music press conference…its border line sports entertainment now.

  4. That was fun reading the back and forths >_< Gracie has to be in but no one had any clue as to what he was doing and if they did hair pulling and groin shots were legal then. A side note off of the subject if the UFC wants in to New York and The Olympics they need to outlaw elbows to a grounded opponent. That's where mostly all of the real bloody fights come from and that's why some still say it rooster fighting. >; ) I happen to love the UFC and MMA in general but I'm just sayin'

  5. the exposure and new fans that accompanied brock cannot be denied. like Eric Gargiulo said, brocks contribution in and out of the ring , in his short time in the ufc, should earn him a plaque. yes he lost to overeem, valasquez, and mir, but these are all former champions. coleman,savern, shamrock, gracie, chuck, heck take a look at ortiz for instance, they are not all there because they were or are the best fighters in the world, some are there for their contribution to the growth of the sport; so i dont think the idea of brock in the hall of fame would be laughable. however, I do believe that brock would need to work a lot on his stand up game before considering a return.

    • "coleman,savern, shamrock, gracie, chuck, heck take a look at ortiz for instance, they are not all there because they were or are the best fighters in the world, some are there for their contribution to the growth of the sport"

      I tend to disagree because those guys beat the best of who was thrown at them and they won multiple tourneys and/or belts. It's easy to say look at who those guys beat 19 years later but at the time they were the best in their sport. Brock beat the best that was thrown at him just 5 times. Yeah 2 were titles holders but had it been 5 years earlier in their career you would have a stronger argument but still be left with minimal experience compared to the rest. If you look at other HOF's in other sports you will find the guys in those are there because of performance not ticket sales. Sure there is a fine line between performance and selling tickets for that but if that is what you're known for like Brock instead of beating 4 guys in one time to take a title…all of who were bigger than you, that isn't known for much. Brock is not known for a killer knock out punch or a sick arm bar or to be honest a great victory over a great fighter. He is known for a WWE guy who was able to win the UFC title when the UFC was down in the shear number of HWs. Had he stuck around and got a few more wins it would be a different conversation, provided he had a couple of wins over top guys and maybe got the belt back in those victories.

      Let me give you an example of my position. In baseball you have some guys playing now that have put up some nice numbers over the years and when you compare them to some of the early ball players that are in the Hall now, they are right there if not slightly ahead….yet they are denied entrance because as time goes by people expect more not less. I can't think of one guy in any HOF that is there given the status of "contributions to the sport" that only played a handful of games and nothing else. Most that are there for that may or may not have been players but it was what they did later in life to benefit the sport…like announcers Jack Buck or Harry Carry and they got awards from the Hall not membership. THAT is what Mask should have gotten..a special award into the UFC Hall. Again it was an emotional call by Dana cause his friend died just about 4 months earlier.

      I wish we could have Brock come into the sport 5-10 years earlier, he would have been hard to beat for sure had his ground game gotten better. But 8 fights and only 5 wins isn't enough to me. The next in line are guys like BJ, GSP, Anderson, Wandy, Hendo and probably Rich but not Brock. But you never know with Dana. I mean he will probably put Bonner in the HOF based solely on the fight between he and Griffin…so I can't say that Brock will never be in there but I can say I don't think he has done enough to earn that spot.

  6. Brock is a draw in the UFC but let's not get all confused about UFC 100. First off it was a huge event for the promotion. It was a milestone that they promoted like crazy. Yes Frank and Brock fought on that card but so did GSP vs Alves and Dan Henderson vs Bisping. There was more anticipation for that fight than there was for Mir and Lesnar. They had just come off the Ultimate Fighter where Bisping ran his mouth like crazy. Besides after the last couple of performances against Cain and Overeem…there isn't anyone who really wants to see Brock in the ring…especially a Mir vs Lesnar III. That can't be a headliner when it would be a battle of washed up fighters in the UFC.

    To say Brock deserves to be in the Hall of Fame is laughable. He won just 5 fights and lost 3. He beat an aging Randy Couture and a post motorcycle accident Frank Mir. Sure he beat Carwin but who has Shane beaten? The same Mir and Gonzales. Putting Brock in the Hall would devalue the Hall. Brock was a bull in the ring at a time when the HW division was at it's weakest. Right now he can't beat the top 5 guys in that division. Even if he had time to train and get back into fighting shape he is already 35 and the guys are younger and stronger than him. It was a fun ride while it lasted and he played the role of love him or hate very well but he is where he needs to be..out of the UFC.

    • First of all, I am not going to restate my Hall of Fame argument here. You can read it here –…. Brock isn't deserving because of his record. Its the attention he brought to the sport, the money he drew, and the crossover audience he helped introduce to MMA. Again, my argument is in the blog. Mark Coleman's wins were so impressive? Who did the dude from Tapout ever beat? Who did Royce Gracie other than Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock in the UFC? Again, read the blog for my full reasoning.

      As for UFC 100 you are right but you are selling those Countdown shows short. Brock was brilliant on those shows, incorporating his pro wrestling hype into selling the fight. If he wasn't the draw why was he on last? GSP was a defending champion so dont tell me its because it was a title match. You are not giving him enough credit.

      • First off I Coleman, Severn and Gracie all won tournaments where they fought 3 (or more) times a night. There was no champ because there was no weight class…they just brought out guys and said go at it. Sure Royce's family was the driving force of the UFC and his dad was the one who basically made the BJJ you see today but his son was the poster boy for the organization for winning 3 of the first 4 and a super fight against Ken in UFC 5…he earned his spot in the hall for he performance in the ring. Heck Royce has more wins (7) in 2 UFC events than Brock (5) has total and one win shy in those events than Brock has total fights fought in the UFC. Coleman had 5 wins in his first 2 UFC events and is a past champ too. Similar stories for Dan and Ken.

        I have been watching since UFC 1 and have missed seeing only 4 of the events over the years and they are legends in my book. They sold the fights when there wasn't any fans…they sold the DVD's when you couldn't see them on PPV. They sold the brand because of what they did in the ring. Big difference between them and Brock (IMHO). Brock had the benefit of the sport those guys and Randy and Tito and Chuck built. Mask is the only one that I will give you shouldn't be in the Hall…it was an emotional decision because of his work to help both his brand and future fighters.

        To me Brock did nothing for the sport that was already rising but be the new bad guy. The Hall is based on what the guys did in the ring and all the guys in there had long careers and were champions. Brock sold fights had a good comeback against Carwin but I remember him more for the way he acted after he beat Mir than how he beat him. I have a hard time calling him great or HOF worthy with a 3 year career at best and only 8 fights. If he comes back and get a few more wins and maybe just a title shot then that opens the discussion up for me. As it stands now for me he is just a good fighter who's body failed him before he had a chance to prove he could be great. I personally don’t have anything against Brock like some MMA fans…I just want the fighters in the Hall to have earned their spot because of what they did in the cage. I can say that about the fighters in there now, I can’t about Brock.

        By the way Brock wasn’t the last fight at UFC 100…yeah yeah I know technicality…just a little dig 🙂

        • I think to say that Brock did nothing for the sport is just baseless. Just look at the numbers when he was in the UFC and now that he is out. Is that just timing as well? Look at the numbers he drew every time out as opposed to anyone else?

          Your argument in your earlier post was "who did Brock beat?" That is why I brought up Gracie and Coleman. Coleman is a joke. That dude should not be in the hall of fame. Tapout is in there for his contributions to MMA. Brock should be in for his. You could argue that Brock beat tougher opponents than Gracie, Shamrock, and Coleman. Hell, he beat two former UFC champions, one who is a "legend".


          • Yeah I mentioned who Brock beat and had he beaten those guys 5 years earlier it would carry more weight. Listen I never said that Brock didn't sell PPV's but to me to put him in for that devalues the Hall. Again I'm not a Brock hater like many die hard MMA fans are. I really think had he come into the sport 10 years earlier it would be a no doubter that he'd be in the Hall because then he would have had time to learn a better ground game added to his size would have been tough to beat. Might have held on to the belt for a few years. He got in to it late and only held it for 3 fights.

            As for Coleman..again he did fight multiple times a night to win 2 tourneys and the HW belt. Not to mention being in epic battles through out the years. I don't have a problem with him because he earned it. Sure he might have less things to brag about than the others in the Hall but still has more than Brock to me. I look at winning the tourneys has holding more weight than a single title defense. Fighting 3 guys in one night at that level is impressive.

  7. I agree with you nelson, improving his stand up game, brock would be a more effective and dangerous fighter. a lot of people gave brock a hard time for the attention he recieved, but i have to say he earned it; in my opinion, brock belongs in the ufc hall of fame(eventually) for his contribution to the growth of the sport. what he did in a short period, with limited tools is remarkable and very rare. if brock feels healthy enough to dedicate himself again, it would be a huge shot i the arm for the ufc for sure. Interesting article Mr. gargiulo.

  8. I'm A Fan Of Brock Lesnar. . But He Did His Thing And Got Out Of Dodge As Far As UFC And The World Of Real Fighting Goes. I Myself Would Not Mind Seeing Him Back In The Octagon. BUT ! ! Lets Face It… There's Enough Glass Heads Over In The DEATH CLUTCH Training Camp That They Could Open A Chandelier Company. ( Sorry ) If Brock Was To Step Into The Cage Again. . Say Against Fedor In Some Kind Of Super Match Or Whatever. I would Hope That He Would Truly Put The Real Time And Dedication Into Revamping His Stand Up Game. He Is A Strong An Solid Man Who With The " PROPER " Boxing Coaching Could Really Deliver Strong an Heavy Punches Along With Developing A Much Better Defence Against Punches An Kicks. I Live In The DETROIT Area And Would Love To See What Emanuel Steward Could Do With Him. (Get Well Soon Manny ). So Ant Way Thats My 2 Cents . Thank You…


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