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Brock Lesnar Will Never Return To The UFC

Dana White loves to tickle the feather of UFC fans. First it was promised Super Fights he couldn’t deliver and now he is dangling Brock Lesnar as a potential return. Just like those dream fights he guaranteed, he knows and I know that there is almost no chance that Brock ever fights in the UFC again.

[adinserter block=”1″] had a story a week ago about UFC president Dana White saying that Brock Lesnar wants to come back to the UFC.

“He wants to. We’ll see what happens. He feels that, because of the illness he had while he was here, he feels that he wasn’t 100-percent and he’d like to take another run at it. We’ll see what happens. He wants to do both. He’s doing great over there and when his schedule opens up, he’d like to fight. Yeah, I got a good relationship with him.”

A few days later he backtracked saying that Brock is not returning. How long until we hear him tease Brock coming back again? This story repeats itself every few months, kind of like White’s promises and then denials of a GSP vs. Silva super fight. I can’t blame him for dreaming but he needs to stop screwing with his fans and get off of the Lesnar fantasy because it’s not going to happen.

The funny thing here is that Brock is under contract with the WWE. From all reports it would appear that Brock is not allowed to fight in the UFC. Brock is under contract for another year. At that time Brock will be 37-years old, closing in on 38. Brock has had multiple health issues which forced him into retirement. If you think a 38-year old millionaire who makes big money to “fake fight” three times a year is going to risk his health and reputation in a UFC octagon you probably believe Dana White when he tells you that the UFC is going to be bigger than the NFL.

Now White did a 180 this past weekend when he told reporters that Brock is not coming back. ”I mean does he want to come back? I mean we’ve talked about him wanting to come back. He feels like he wasn’t 100-percent while he was here and he feels like he sold himself a little short and all the stuff that I’ve told you guys before, but no he’s not (coming back).”

I don’t blame White for teasing TMZ and the fans. What else does he have? He is coming off of a pay per view that is reportedly forecasting low buyrate estimates which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have two championship fights. He has zero super fights on the table for 2014 and is down to one true superstar in Jon Jones who isn’t exactly the “company man” his past stars were. As a promoter what else does he have to hype in 2014? Nothing!

[adinserter block=”2″]It is time for White to close the door on Brock coming back once and for all. Sure he did a good job of quieting the buzz down over the weekend but it was just a few days earlier where he teased Brock returning. Don’t tease, don’t hype, nor entertain the questions at this point. The biggest draw in the history of the UFC is not coming back and it’s time to tell your fans the truth. Stop feeding the beast!

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