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Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H II Planned For WWE WrestleMania 29

Triple H vs Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar hasn’t even been back in the WWE for six months and yet his WrestleMania 29 plans have changed several times. The newest idea involves an old foe, a rematch, and a probable result that is likely to disappoint his fans.

The newest plan on the table is for Triple H to make his return at WrestleMania 29 and wrestle Brock Lesnar in a SummerSlam 2012 rematch. Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer broke the news on his podcast Tuesday morning. If Triple H is coming back for revenge, you can almost be assured that the result of the match will be much different than their most recent encounter.

The new idea is big shift from the previous plans for the former UFC and WWE champion. The original plan reported when Brock signed was for Brock to headline WrestleMania against The Rock, presumably in a WWE championship match. Recent rumors suggested the The Undertaker would wind up putting his streak on the line against Lesnar. The Triple H rematch is a bit of a letdown in my opinion from previous ideas.

I would also find it hard to believe that Triple H would not only lose three WrestleMania matches in a row, but lose two in a row to Brock Lesnar. The SummerSlam result and ensuing angle all leads up to Hunter getting his revenge and the win in a rematch. If Brock is leaving after WrestleMania, that isn’t a huge deal. If Brock is staying past WrestleMania it really doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion.

Brock signed a reported $5 million deal back in April to rejoin the WWE. WrestleMania 29 would theoretically be the final match on his contract. Reports indicate that Brock is happy with his deal and would likely extend. However, the big question is whether the WWE would extend Brock at his current price or higher? After a disappointing buyrate at Extreme Rules 2012, Brock’s value certainly decreased in the eyes of Vince McMahon. A disappointing buyrate for SummerSlam 2012 could make it difficult for Brock to get the deal he wants as opposed to the deal he is worth.

That is also the other big question here. What if SummerSlam comes back with a disappointing buyrate? My hunch is that a lower buyrate than expected could hurt the chances of a WrestleMania rematch. Yet at the end of the day Triple H is one of the most powerful men in the WWE. If Hunter wants the rematch, I can’t imagine there is much anyone can do to change that.

Is Triple H really the right guy for Brock Lesnar to wrestle at WrestleMania? Remember, they will be supporting The Rock vs. John Cena so the pressure won’t entirely be on them. Personally, I didn’t think their SummerSlam match was anything special and have no desire to see it again. Unfortunately I may have to if I plan on ordering WrestleMania 29.

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