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Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 31 Would be Huge

Something has occurred to me lately as I have been listening to Paul Heyman gloat daily on WWE television and social media about his client Brock Lesnar ending the streak. If Undertaker can work one more match, a rematch would be massive!

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE may have fallen into a situation better than anyone could have even imagined. The wrestling world was shocked and even angry when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. Most were upset about the streak ending, many angry about the man who ended it. But what if at the end of all this one of the biggest matches of this era comes out of this controversial decision?

It didn’t dawn on me right away but after listening to Heyman rant about the streak ending I started to wonder if this is exactly where they are going. I certainly could be reading too much into this but when is the last time anyone in the WWE sold a win or loss the way Heyman has? I can guarantee you that it hasn’t been in the last ten years.

There has been a lot written post-script on the idea of Lesnar ending the streak. Most reports indicate that Vince McMahon didn’t pull the trigger on that call until the RAW before Mania. So as much as I’d like to credit Vince for thinking big picture, I won’t kid myself into thinking this was part of the plan. Yet it is funny how some of the best angles just happen to fall into his lap. This is one of them.

The biggest question here is The Undertaker. Physically he is banged up according to most reports. His physical condition following the match with Lesnar has been well documented. Taker reportedly suffered a concussion during the match and wound up going to the hospital immediately after the bout. Vince wound up leaving Mania to go to the hospital with Taker.

You won’t find better drama than this in an angle!

Imagine the heat Taker would get if he were to reappear on RAW sometime next year to confront Paul Heyman? Imagine how excited the fans would be to see Taker get his revenge on Lesnar and Heyman and avenge his loss? Even better, imagine if fans knew that this could be The Undertaker’s last hurrah and the match included a stipulation like the Mania 26 match with Taker and Shawn Michaels in that if Taker loses, he retires. That my friends is a money match!

[adinserter block=”2″]As for the match, they could keep it simple. They don’t need to do a long, methodical match like they did at 30. I say all you need to get from the Dead Man is 10 minutes. Give them 10 minutes of fast action, intensity, brawling, and drama and keep it as safe for Taker as possible. The match doesn’t have to be pretty. It just has to be intense to make this workable.

This could all just be a case of fantasy booking on my end with no WWE plans at all on doing another match. But if they do, I think it could be one of the biggest matches in WWE history.

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  1. Hey I Also Heard That Some Pigs And Monkeys Are Gonna Fly Above At Silicon Valley California At Wm 31 .. I Mean That’s Enough Really .. A Man Gave His 21 Years To This Buisness And Now He Wants To Rest .. And You Just Can’t See That .. Fans Like You Just Want A Wrestler To Wrestle For 90 Years And Then .. Explode In A Puff In The Middle Of The Ring ..

  2. Longest reign as UFC Heavyweight Champion (707 days) Brock Lesner. thats the reason the Undertaker Chose Him and because he’s friends with Cain

  3. Nah. Undertaker is too banged up to wrestle again. Simple as that. Look how easily he got injured against Brock Lesnar and this was with Lesnar doing his best to protect Taker. This match sucked because, quite frankly, he was too beat up already for the match to look good. Imagine another year! No, I think you’re reading too much into it Eric. Taker had an amazing, incredible run but it had to end sometime. They shouldn’t cheapen it by dragging it on.

  4. I like the idea. I love the idea of it being his swan song. I listened JR’s podcast where prior to Brocks win he thought it would have been cool for the Undertaker to win the title at Mania and then retire on RAW setting up a tournament for the next PPV. I liked that idea too. So stealing a bit from JR, I think it would cool if Brock wins the title at Survivor Series and Taker shows up in the middle of the Rumble and wins setting up the rematch. Then it’s career vs title, everyone thinks it’s Takers last match so they wouldn’t put the strap on him. Then Taker wins and retired on RAW the next night.

    • I’d like to see this.
      Brock and leaner have an intense ten minutes.
      Someone from the current roster interfere and attack tanker.
      The Rock and stone cold rush out and get em.
      Soon the new generations come out to help Brock.
      As many attitude wrestlers they can find and legends come out and brawl. Undertaker starts going through everybody and clears the ring.
      Tanker takes a f5 and get a pinned.

  5. It would work especially if they don’t here anything from the undertaker until royal rumble. Set different clues. Especially if he could come back as the deadman with the original hair and everything. If brock is champion this will be huge. Taker retiring as champion will make up for the 21-1 record.

  6. My only problem with your great suggestion is, how would you try and keep this angle hot for such a long period of time? It will be close to a year before the next mania and I highly doubt Heyman could keep this going for that long a period of time. Furthermore, people have a short attention span and without some type of appearance here and there by the Undertaker it would all be for not. I like the idea and it could work but it would need more then just Paul. Lesner would need to win the title at the Rumble and possibly have taker win the Rumble. Seems very far off to try and script something now.


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