Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan Is Best for WWE Business


The Streak is dead, but everybody knows that now. It’s been talked about on almost every major news site, wrestling blog, twitter, social media and hell even on AOL Chat probably. Now, I want to talk about what may be next for the WWE and the match that should and probably will headline SummerSlam. A wholly original and organic match, not a match that happened some years back but a new and exciting main event

[adinserter block=”1″]The beast incarnate, the Streak Killer, the monster himself Brock Lesnar vs the new face of the WWE, the leader of the Yes Movement and most all the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

It’s a match destined to happen now, Brock Lesnar has a new vigor, a renewed interest because he ended the Streak. When the hand slapped three and the hatred spew from 75,000 fans the losses to Cena and Triple H disappeared. The fans now have a heel that they can hate because Lesnar took the immortality of The Undertaker away from it. When Lesnar killed the streak, he killed the one of the last of the old guard. The great thing about Lesnar’s character is that he doesn’t give a shit about the Undertaker or his legacy. He doesn’t care about the legacy of the Streak or the legacy of the WWE, he cares about three things: Himself, money and destroying people. Brock Lesnar with one moment in time made grown men cry and hell he might even get a boner thinking about that.

Of course, it helps that he has Heyman to drive the point in every time he talks about Brock Lesnar. I’m sure we’ll get a 21-1 shirt that Lesnar will wear tonight and will sell like hotcakes on the WWE Shop site. So, what’s next for Lesnar on the road to SummerSlam?


The card and the actual idea of getting payback on the only loss of his WWE career he has yet to avenge. That’s right; I’m talking Lesnar vs Cena II at Payback in June. Before everybody wonders if I’ve gone nuts (The train left a long time ago), the time is perfect for this match. Two years after what was probably the most uncomfortable match I’ve watched in a long time, in the same arena Brock Lesnar gets his payback on Cena. Heyman can even hype it up as the fact that John Cena didn’t win as much as he survived a match with a cocky Lesnar. Now, there is not a single amount of cockiness in Lesnar, there is only anger and the rage that fueled him to beat the Streak. This is not the same Brock Lesnar that Cena fought; this is the conqueror and destroyer of worlds.

Lesnar goes against Cena at Payback and while the match is competitive, it ends with Lesnar destroying Cena. Hell, get a little blood as Lesnar hits the F-5 for the win. Then another F-5, and why the heck another F-5 just for craps and giggles. Now, I watched Rocky IV so bear with me. Have Nikki come out and eventually Brie, and this leads to Bryan coming out. Lesnar stares at Bryan, smiles and does his little dance before walking off. Bryan with blood on his shirt stares down Lesnar as the PP- er special goes off the air. Damn, that is going to be tough to say from now on. Would this ending be a bit cheesy and probably material for the upcoming season of Total Divas? Yes. Is this pretty much Rocky IV without Stallone ending Communism with one incoherent speech? Probably, but this would add much much more drama to Lesnar/Bryan. I think at the same time that Lesnar destroying Cena is the next logical step towards Lesnar vs Bryan.

Who would be left to stand up to Lesnar? Two of the biggest stars that this company have been vanquished; he ran through Punk like it was nothing, he beat Triple H twice, and killed Show with a chair. There is only one man left to meet the barbarian at the gates and now he isn’t just fighting for the WWE Championship, he fighting for the entire legacy of the WWE. If Brock Lesnar topples Daniel Bryan and takes that belt, then what happens next? The fans will flock to the network to see Bryan, the last man left to try and stop Lesnar.

[adinserter block=”2″]Its classic monster heel vs face champion booking; the monster runs through everybody in the company until the underdog face champion is left. Now, you add in the presence of Triple H still sore at being humiliated at the grandest stage of them all cut’s a deal with the devil to get rid of Bryan. Presumably Bryan will take out Batista and probably another heel leading up to SummerSlam, so Triple H goes to Heyman enlisting the beast to kill the champ.

To me, that’s an excuse to print money right there. With the right build, it could top the attendance number for SummerSlam 2011. As for new, this only remains a pipe dream for now and it’s what best for business.

Robert Goeman has been writing for CamelClutchBlog since 2014 and has written for FiveOuncesofPain and What Culture. Follow him on twitter at After every article, Robert usually does “Talking Points” on twitter, bringin up points that didn’t make the article.

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