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Brock Lesnar vs. Big Van Vader: Dream Booker

Welcome to the first edition of Dream Booker on Camel Clutch Blog.

There are so many dream matches that wrestling fans would love to witness but will never get the chance to see, with Dream Booker I will be bringing some of the matches myself and others would like to see if eras/time period, wrestling companies, as well as life and death were not a factor.

[adinserter block=”1″]Since one of these men are returning to the WWE soon, it has influenced this first match choice for Dream Booker, the match I have decided to book involves the soon to be returning Brock Lesnar and his opponent in this scenario will be Big Van Vader, in the battle of the “The Beast” vs “The Mastodon”.

These men are two of the stiffest, toughest and most intimidating monsters in wrestling history, if both were around at the same time in their prime they could have delivered one of the most hard hitting and realistic battles ever in wrestling quite possibly.

This match would be a dream one for fans of realistic looking old school wrestling, the shoot/strong style and it would even appeal to MMA fans for many reasons, I believe Vader would be a perfect match for Lesnar, both men are massive heavyweights however are agile and quick for their size, can do unexpected things in the ring, will fight tooth and nail to gain a victory and will not be intimidated by each other.

Tale Of The Tape

Name: Brock Lesnar

Billed From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Height: 6ft 3in

Weight: 286 lbs

Finisher: F5


Name: Big Van Vader

Billed From: “The Rocky Mountains” Boulder, Colorado

Height: 6ft 5in

Weight: 450 lbs

Finisher: Vader Bomb

The Rundown

Both men are legitimately tough and work a physical and stiff style as mentioned above, Lesnar of course has MMA experience at the highest level in the UFC so is used to taking and dishing out real strikes designed to damage his opponents and Vader is famous for his strong style in the ring, for example his Legendary matches in Japan with Stan Hansen where Hansen broke Vader’s nose then accidentally poked out his eye, Vader proceeded to push it back in and continue the match giving a small glimpse of how tough he really is.

For big men both can move like men well below their weight class and perform unexpected moves for their size and stature, Lesnar is deceptively quick for a heavyweight and at times has performed the Shooting Star Press as a finisher, Vader is similar for example being one of the first big men to use a Moonsault as well as other moves like Dropkicks and his Vader Bomb finish which of course involves a form of splash from the middle rope.

Both men share a common link having both been trained in part by renowned tough trainer, Brad Rheingans, therefore are cut from the same cloth in many ways.

Both men have also played football, Lesnar in 2005 almost made the cut for Minnesota Vikings in the NFL however a previous bike injury hindered him causing him to be dropped and Vader played college football for University Of Colorado becoming a great in college football history before moving on to playing pro for the Los Angeles Rams from 1977-1981.

Lesnar is not only a former NCAA Heavyweight Champion in Amateur wrestling, a former 3-time WWE Champion and 1-time IWGP Champion in Pro Wrestling but also a former UFC Heavyweight Champion proving himself as both a legitimate wrestler and MMA fighter at the highest levels against the likes of Randy Couture and Frank Mir, also this year Lesnar broke The Undertaker’s legendary Streak at Wrestlemania in maybe his biggest achievement yet.

Vader shares the honour of being a former 3-time IWGP Champion in addition to being a former 3-time WCW World Champion, 2-time AJPW Triple Crown Champion and overall 13 time World Champion, also keeping in with his shoot style he even won the UWFi World Title, a promotion which was shoot based and became a precursor to Japanese MMA companies like Pride, before MMA was the established powerhouse it is nowadays.

Lesnar is a big PPV draw against anyone it seems, proving himself in both the WWE and in the UFC, where business was at a massive peak during his run as UFC Heavyweight Champion, Vader was also a big draw during his time in Japan and Europe as well as doing good business in his time at WCW when feuding with the likes of Hogan, Sting and Flair.

Both men are used to headlining and performing on major shows, Lesnar headlined Wrestlemania XIX as well as having main event matches at several others, Vader himself headlined a Starrcade event in 1993, WCW’s equivalent to Wrestlemania as well as appearing at several January 4 Dome Shows at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, Lesnar has also headlined a January 4 Dome Show in 2006.

Both men have had influential managers throughout their career, Lesnar more so than Vader, with Paul Heyman guiding him almost his entire career where as Vader had the legendary Hall Of Famer and 8 time World Champion, Harley Race guiding him for many years during his reign at the top in WCW.

Lesnar has faced some of the best in the business in the ring including Kurt Angle, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero and some of the biggest names/draws in Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock and Goldberg.

Vader has also feuded with some of the biggest names in the business during his career like Ric Flair, Antonio Inoki, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker as well as some of the toughest including Stan Hansen, Mick Foley and Bruiser Brody.

Lesnar is used to throwing his weight around and easily dominating men however Vader is a super heavyweight, outweighing Lesnar by almost 200 lbs as well as being 2 inches taller, he would prove a formidable task for Lesnar as Big Show for example has in the past.

Setting The Stage

This match could draw anywhere really, in the America, Europe, Japan etc and any in company, WWE, WCW, NWA etc. However to allow them to have the type of stiff physical action that would be expected, it would be more suitable to hold the match outside of the WWE, WCW and America in general, in this case the setting will be the famous Tokyo Dome in Japan, most likely for NJPW.

Since eras/time periods are also no object in any case, the version of Lesnar for the match will be taken from the present day due to his list of accomplishments and current status as a multi sport legitimate bad ass athlete and the version of Vader for the match will be taken from the 90’s during his simultaneous run at the top with WCW and NJPW which was arguably the peak of his powers in every way.

To add a little something extra to the equation as well, for the match Lesnar will be accompanied by Paul Heyman as always and to counteract Heyman, Vader will be accompanied by Harley Race.

The Match

Both men come out the traps with stiff punches and attempts to over power each other, Lesnar resorts to his amateur wrestling background to take Vader down, out wrestling him on the mat and mounting him for ground and pound resorting to his MMA past busting Vader’s eye open hard way, however Vader powers out eventually and starts to fend off Lesnar with vicious chops and palm strikes making Lesnar’s chest bleed, he then tries to bully Lesnar using his weight advantage with various body shots and splashes, only to be suplexed overhead by the genetic beast Lesnar, Lesnar then attempts to work over Vader’s arm for a while and slows the pace in order to weaken him for the Kimura and eventually locks it in however Vader escapes, Race gets involved distracting the referee and Lesnar while Vader strikes him with a low blow followed by a big power bomb then a Vader Bomb for a close two count.

A shocked Vader gets Lesnar up to try for another Powerbomb but out of nowhere Lesnar shakes the cobwebs and nails Vader with an F5. Vader is laid out after the close count, Lesnar egged on by Heyman on the outside then sets him up on the top rope and manages to pull off a superplex almost destroying the ring under the weight of the fall.

Lesnar heads up to the top rope once again to try and finish Vader in spectacular fashion with his rarely seen Shooting Star Press, however he misses drawing gasps from the massive Japanese audience, with Lesnar crashing and burning, Vader takes advantage of the mistake, mustering the strength to head to the top himself, connecting with a Moonsault for a 2 and 3 quarters count.

[adinserter block=”2″]Both men are exhausted, beaten and bloody by this point after the stiff physical war and have thrown everything at each other. With Lesnar still down after the Moonsault, Vader drags him to the corner and climbs to the middle rope to attempt another Vader Bomb on Lesnar but after being distracted by Paul Heyman on the outside and he misses it, Harley Race then takes out Heyman on the outside, giving Lesnar the opening to get Vader up and nail him with a second massive F5 which is too much for Vader to recover from again giving Lesnar the three count and the big win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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  1. Awesome. Cant wait to see me, the details make it great. And this a match I would pay big bucks to see.

    The effort here is appreciated.

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