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Brock Lesnar Rumored to Re-sign with the WWE

There may be no bigger topic right now in pro wrestling than the future of Brock Lesnar. The WWE champion is coming to a cross-roads and the rumors continue to swirl about his post-Mania plans. A new report paints a picture that wrestling fans can get excited about.

[adinserter name=”366 lef”]Brock Lesnar’s two-year deal with the WWE is set to expire right after WrestleMania 31. The timing couldn’t be better for Lesnar. Lesnar has options to return to the UFC, fight for Bellator, or remain a WWE superstar. The latest betting line had the odds on Lesnar cashing in on a big return to the UFC. Yet a new report says that Lesnar may be having second thoughts about being punched in the face.

Dave Meltzer breaks it down in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer cites Jim Ross as a source and reports that Ross believes Lesnar is staying with the WWE.

On the Lesnar question, Jim Ross, who is still in a position to know people who would know, wrote that sources are saying it looks more promising that Lesnar is staying due to concerns over the long-term heath effects of concussion oriented issues later in life.

The report goes on to speculate that Lesnar would stay with the WWE if the company will pay him what he wants. Meltzer speculates that the WWE doesn’t want another big superstar leaving for the UFC after CM Punk left for the UFC a few months ago. Meltzer seems to think that if Lesnar is returning to MMA that it would be with the UFC and not Bellator.

I think the economics of the WWE have changed in Brock’s favor. Once the WWE reached a million subscribers on its network, I think a priority was placed on keeping Lesnar. Prior to that, I don’t believe that the economics would have even justified keeping Lesnar at his current price whether Brock wanted to stay or not. As always, the timing has worked out in Lesnar’s favor once again.

As a fan I’d love to see Lesnar stick around. I think he is a difference maker and stands apart from everyone and everything else in the WWE today. That said, I don’t know if I’d blame the WWE for bailing on him. Fan or not, the fact is that he isn’t a huge difference maker. There weren’t noticeable increases in buyrates with Lesnar on the show and as stated above, the economics are just different now. I don’t know how many people are cancelling or signing up for the Network based on Lesnar’s three matches a year.

[adinserter block=”2″]The one thing these reports do is create more intrigue around the WrestleMania 31 main-event. Up to this point it seemed highly predictable that Roman Reigns would leave as WWE champion. The WWE already experienced a similar scenario with the public having knowledge that Lesnar was leaving and it go ugly for Brock at Mania 20. At least there is enough doubt coming into Mania this time around that the WWE may be able to avoid that ugliness and the focus can be squarely put on the match in the ring and not so much the rumors about Lesnar outside of the ring.

What do you do if Lesnar does stay? I think you keep the championship around his waist. Reigns is not ready, Bryan isn’t nearly as over as he was last year and Lesnar retaining would only add to his aura and mystique. Whether it happens or not is a different story but I’d love to see the shock on those faces when Lesnar gets the pin and the win at Mania 31.



  1. OK…..possible twist if Lesner stays……Earlier in the evening, Orton defeats Rollins (you know that match is gonna happen). Lesner defeats Reigns. After the match, Rollins runs down, hits Lesner with the MIB case and cashes in the title. This now opens up a feud between the Authority and Lesner/Heyman while still keeping Reigns in the title picture until ready.

  2. OK….picture this if Brock stays……Lesner pins Reigns…..Rollins runs down (after losing his earlier match against Orton), hits Lesner with the MIB case and cashes in for the title. This now pits Lesner and Heyman against the Authority. Just a thought…..

    • I think that’s money! There is big money in Brock as a babyface against Rusev as well. I am starting to think they should have went with that for Mania. Both guys have been undefeated (Brock for awhile anyway), champion vs. champion, I think it could have been big.

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