Brock Lesnar Rearranges Frank Mir’s Face at UFC 100

UFC 100 saw Brock Lesnar silence his doubters including myself. Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir via knockout. Not only did Lesnar hand Mir a loss, but he also rearranged his face by the end of the fight.

I remember as a kid hearing other kids say they would rearrange the others face before a fight. Brock Lesnar literally rearranged Frank Mir’s face. Mir looked like he had been hit multiple times by a baseball bat. The bat happened to be the hands of Brock Lesnar.

I had this one all wrong. I thought Mir would take him out with a submission early or even stand up with him. Lesnar took Mir down early in the first round. Lesnar had Mir trapped with an arm locked and a face open. Lesnar just unloaded on a helpless Mir for more of the round.

Mir’s face already looked like a wreck going into Round 2. Mir went for broke and tried to stand up with Lesnar. The two went down and once again Mir was trapped. Lesnar used his power to dominate Mir against the cage. Lesnar punched Mir’s face until he knocked him out.

The action continued after the fight. Even the most bitter rivals hug after a fight understanding that hype=money. Not Brock Lesnar. Lesnar immediately got in Mir’s face and said, “talk your sh*t now!” Lesnar had to be pulled away by several security guards. Was this classless or an ex-pro wrestler working a gimmick? Either Brock is the most sensitive massive fighter I have ever seen or he is selling the trilogy.

Lesnar wasn’t the only champion to dominate at UFC 100. Georges St. Pierre put on a clinic St. Pierre owned Thiago Alves with ground and pound game for five rounds. Even more impressive, St. Pierre told his corner before the fifth round that he felt he had torn his groin. St. Pierre won the following round with the injury.

Dan Henderson silenced any of his own doubters with his best UFC performance yet. Henderson knocked out Michael Bisping in Round 2. Henderson followed the knock out with a flying punch to the face. Henderson admitted in the post-interview that he knew Bisping was out when he threw the punch. Hendo proudly admitted to throwing the extra punch because of Bisping’s mouth.

It should be pointed out that Renato Sobral got fired for pulling something similar at UFC 74. Babalu refused to release a choke off of David Heath  after the match was officially over. In all fairness the ref did not immediately stop Henderson’s fight until after Hendo landed the second punch. Henderson continued to joke about the cheap shot on Bisping at the press conference. Henderson is swimming in dangerous territory with this one whether you like Bisping or not.

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For Lesnar, the big money lays with a Mir rematch. The heavyweight division is rather weak on paper. I can’t see anyone other than Mir giving Lesnar any kind of competition. Let’s face it, UFC needs to get Fedor in here immediately. There is nothing bigger on the horizon in the division other than a Fedor-Lesnar Dream Match.

Dana White agrees and talked about it at the post-fight press conference. “Eventually Fedor is going to be here,” White said. “I want Fedor. We’ll end up getting that deal done and then we’ll do Brock vs. Fedor and we’ll do a huge fight.”


St. Pierre has less competition than Lesnar. There is nobody currently in the welterweight division that is going to handle St. Pierre’s ground game. Mike Swick looks to be the next victim. St. Pierre was asked about fighting Anderson Silva after the fight. He didn’t sound very keen on it. At this point, it is going to have take someone having a lucky night to dethrone the welterweight champion.

Henderson will undoubtedly reap the rewards of last night. He is very popular with UFC fans right now. Henderson should get a rematch with Anderson Silva by the end of the year. If Hendo can do the unthinkable, he ccould reach Couture-level status. Henderson is the only guy to win a round from Anderson Silva in UFC. He is fully capable of pulling off an upset.

Overall I thought it was a tremendous event. UFC 100 definitely delivered the hype. I loved the format of the show. You had main-events starting with the second match of the night. It felt like the Super Bowl of UFC shows by the middle of the St. Pierre-Alves fight. For those that haven’t see the show, I highly recommend ordering the replay.

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