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Brock Lesnar Blowing the Minnesota Vikings Horn – Video

Brock LesnarCheck out this video of UFC world heavyweight champion and former World Wrestlnig Entertainment star, Brock Lesnar blowing the horn at the Minnesota Vikings game against the Baltimore Ravens. Lesnar was given the honor as part of a promotion to promote tourism in South Dakota. Tourism in South Dakota? Has anyone seen where Lesnar lives in those UFC Countdown specials? Unless you want to be isolated from the world, South Dakota is probably the last place I’d want to go for a vacation.

[adinserter block=”1″]The video is interesting on a lot of levels. The most interesting point being that Brock Lesnar pushed his UFC 106 fight with Shane Carwin back this week due to an illness. Lesnar and his camp claim that he was hit with a bad flu bug and hasn’t been able to train for weeks. I find the timing of Lesnar’s appearance quite dubious considering the announcement was made this week, yet Lesnar looked perfectly fine almost two weeks ago. The second interesting aspect of the appearance is that Brock once tried out for the Minnesota Vikings. Lesnar actually made it all the way up until the final 53-man roster at the end of the NFL pre season. Fans may not be aware of this, but it was Lesnar’s desires to play football and not MMA that forced his departure from the WWE.

Check out the cameo from former WWE Diva Sable in the background. She still looks great!

Brock Lesnar training for Shane Carwin.

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  1. I totally idolize Brock Lesnar! I mean, man, he's really a monster! In the near future, he'll be replacing GSP at the P4P rankings. He's totally great. The speed, strength, agility, adaptability, strategy, focus, discipline.. Need I say more?.. Brock, you're one helluva guy! Keep it up!

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