Brock Lesnar Losing Could Be The Best Thing For WWE Business


Brock Lesnar UFCPlease back up off the ledge, don’t look down, and take one step at a time. It is okay that Brock Lesnar lost to John Cena at WWE Extreme Rules 2012. As a matter of a fact it may have been the best finish for business in the long run.

You would think that Vince McMahon just put the WWE championship on Ryborg with the way some people are reacting to Lesnar’s loss at Extreme Rules. Lost in the questionable booking move was a fantastic match that exceeded any expectations I had for Lesnar upon coming back to the WWE. Yet from the second the referee counted to three through Monday morning all anyone can talk about is how the WWE could book Cena to pin Lesnar.

[adinserter block=”2″]This kind of outrage is amazing to me. I appreciate the passion that most of these fans have for the product. It is refreshing to see in 2012. However, let’s be honest about this and call a spade a spade here. Most of this outrage is the same kind of outrage fans have when there is a questionable finish on a TNA Wrestling show. Fans are upset but at the end of the day these are the kind of fans that are more interested at times in following the wrestling gossip or news sites. These fans are hardcore fans but they react on emotion without sitting back and waiting to see how things play out. I am not criticizing anyone for their passion. All I am saying is that sometimes the gut reaction to a booking decision can be short sighted when you look back on it one year later…or not.

There was nothing wrong with Cena pinning Lesnar. As a matter of a fact, it was the right move. Brock Lesnar is not going to be any less of a draw because he succumbed to a John Cena loaded punch. Business for the WWE is not going to decrease because all of the sudden Lesnar lost. The $5 million investment isn’t a dud. Quite frankly anyone that watched and studied Lesnar’s UFC career ( and I am sure that is Vince McMahon) knows that losing was the best thing for him in the UFC.

For those that aren’t aware here is a quick history lesson on Brock’s UFC success. Brock debuted with a lot of hype against former UFC champion Frank Mir. Brock dominated Mir but made a split second mistake which allowed him to get caught by Mir, tap, and lose the fight. Brock was then sent to the front of the line and had to start over and work his way back up to the top. All Brock talked about after losing to Mir was wanting to avenge his loss. Brock finally got the rematch with Mir after going on a winning streak and winning the UFC interim title. The promos building up their rematch were arguably the most profitable in UFC history. On a UFC Countdown special Lesnar watched the first fight and became so enraged he walked away and punched a door. Fans ate up the idea of Lesnar trying to avenge his loss to the tune of UFC 100 drawing the biggest buyrate in UFC history. Brock wound up becoming the biggest draw in UFC history. All of this and yet it all started with Brock losing his first UFC fight.

Yes this is a bit different because this isn’t Brock’s first-ever WWE match but it is his first WWE match in 8 years. What happened? Brock went in there and beat the holy hell out of Cena for over 20 minutes. Brock dominated the match and busted Cena up badly. Yet for a split second Brock made a mistake, a mistake you’d expect from someone who hasn’t wrestled in 8 years against a former WWE champion and he was caught. Sound familiar? See, it is okay to get off the ledge!

What if Brock won? It is a long time until WrestleMania as The Rock and Cena will tell you. What would you do with Brock until then? So he’ll wrestle Randy Orton, CM Punk, Triple H, and maybe Sheamus on the way to New Jersey and then what? He beats everyone, there aren’t a lot of strong opponents in the first place, and you are banking him staying over without looking human through WrestleMania. It could definitely work but the alternative here has greater potential in my opinion.

Now that Brock has lost he can become with Cena and the loss. Brock can work his way back to Cena in the interim. Fans can get behind the idea of Brock’s obsession with avenging his loss. Brock can start at the front and work with guys like Kofi Kingston on the way up to the big stars. Brock can even win the WWE championship on the way to an inevitable clash with Cena. The WWE can cut those same vignettes of Lesnar going absolutely mad watching the first match with Cena, etc. Finally Brock goes over Cena and leaves him laid out as most hoped he would in Chicago. There is huge money there. There is more money in that scenario in my opinion than Brock going over now and just going through the motions until WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”1″]I am not naïve to think that none of this happens. If Vince McMahon books Brock any other way than the loss was stupid, everyone is right, and he will lose value come WrestleMania. I get it. But a loss in wrestling isn’t a bad thing. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, Bruno Sammartino, the biggest draws in pro wrestling have lost and made money on the rematches than they did the first encounters. It is okay to lose and if done right, Brock losing could be the best thing for business. It worked for the UFC and it can work here if it is done right.

Now breathe.

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  1. Great job as usual. The problem is that Lesnar is just another guy now, and Cena is taking time off. There is no interest in a rematch either thanks to the Hogan-esque finish of the match.

    • Thanks for replying but I'll politely disagree with you. You could be right but he looked like a big star on RAW and I think there will be huge money in the rematch if it is done right. Big if lol

  2. Great article; I completely agree. Cena and Lesnar had a fantastic match last night, and that's all that really matters.


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