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Brock Lesnar Is WWE Fastlane 2016’s Biggest Afterthought

The main event of WWE’s Fastline on Sunday night could prove to be the best match of the evening. The Triple Threat Match between Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose may have nothing to do with the Beast Incarnate and everything to do with two friends finally beating the hell out of each other with a chance to gain the company’s top prize at WrestleMania 32.

This is the way it should have been all along.

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WWE was left with a huge quandary when Seth Rollins tore his knee up before WWE TLC, which meant the eventual title change between Reigns and Rollins never happened and when the company was left with options of who would become Reigns’ rival to fill the void, Sheamus was the chosen one, not his former Shield mate. Another ball dropped in a potential blockbuster of a move.

There is a pattern here of finding ways to screw up big moments. WWE’s creative team seems to miss the mark on many occasions when the pinpoint accuracy of finding the right button to push is never found. There used to be a set rule that friends turned to foes, that the big men always dominated and Vince McMahon watched everything like a hawk, raking in big bucks and leaving fans happy and wanting more.

Those days are gone forever and we all should just let them go.

WWE has teased a potential Lesnar/Ambrose feud and has teased a potential Lesnar/Bray Wyatt confrontation, but for now, the third member of this dance on Sunday night is nothing more than window dressing, as we all know there is no way the big man walks out with the title on his shoulder and Paul Heyman dancing a jig. This is will be as solid a match as it can be because Ambrose will sell the hell out of it and again get over with the fans in attendance and those of us watching on our computers. Why McMahon and Triple H cannot see that the Lunatic Fringe is the best performer to win and challenge for the WWE World Title, thus creating a heel turn for his friend is beyond me.

I know, the best laid plans don’t always happen and the easiest road to success is never achieved that easily. In this case, maybe it should.

Of the three, Reigns presents the hardest booking problems. Why wouldn’t Lesnar win, go to WrestleMania 32, beat Triple H and then carry on a feud with Wyatt and the heir apparent monster heel in Braun Strowman? Why wouldn’t Kevin Owens, the Intercontinental Champion, immediately become the No. 1 contender which would give us the feud we want to see?

Lesnar-Owens and Ambrose-Reigns doesn’t suck at all. Neither would a confrontation between Wyatt and AJ Styles. There are plenty of options here, some of which probably have been kicked around a few times. Whether they come to fruition is still anyone’s guess.

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After the show is over, and Fastlane leaves us underwhelmed, the creative team will pick up the pieces and start over again. There are five weeks until WrestleMania and only one watch guaranteed to happen – the one we really don’t want to see. Maybe there will be some kind of divine intervention here, which will leave us all applauding the efforts of all three combatants.

Maybe there will be a different outcome than we all have been fed the past few weeks. In any event, the likelihood of Brock Lesnar winning the pay-per-view main event has fewer odds than me winning the lottery. The company’s best big man is just window dressing. The stars of the night are the ones who claim to be best friends, but by the end of the night, we all hope will be mortal enemies.

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