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Brock Lesnar Is Legitimacy

Brock LesnarRic flair should hang his head in shame. At SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar displayed how to stage a half hour spectacular without spending half the time ‘woo’ing and Jay walking and falling on the knees begging the opponent not to hurt him… and of course upside down on the turnbuckle.

[adinserter block=”2″]It certainly wasn’t a 5 star match, I admit. But it was a 4 star match at the very least.

It wasn’t a 5 star match because the momentum never picked up. But then to Brock’s credit, he never allowed it to slip either – maintaining the momentum is no mean task especially since there were no pins in the first 10 minutes and just two or three in the next 20.

It was a brutal yet cerebral match that had no single moment betraying the worked nature of the sport even if it was achieved at the cost of abandoning the most essential of wrestling moves. Except for the one moment where Helmsley went over the top, the narrative didn’t slack. Lesnar selling the first pedigree was a sheer work of art. For a man that size to do it so perfectly speaks about the dedication worth every million he’s earning.

What could have turned the match around was if Helmsley had produced a surprise victory towards the end to win. That could have earned it extra half a star. But when the storyline required him to win – use the cerebral part of his act – he, well, simply swallows his pride! Not really. We knew why and now it’s official too. WrestleMania rematch! (Boy, what a stinker. Brock should wrestle Taker.)

But whether the match sucked from a storyline point of view or not, the big picture is that it simply reestablished Brock Lesnar as the greatest wrestler ever; no silly gimmicks (read hulking up), no one move finishes (read stunners) and certainly no unbelievable stunts (read John Cena). I am talking purely from a wrestling point of view i.e. when you pull out the DVD years later without having a clue about the storyline, would you buy into the match?

Another positive that could come out of Lesnar’s limited schedule is the possibility of turning him into an act akin to Ric Flair during the territory days. A spectacle! But for that to work, he needs to be booked as a face. Putting the title on him to make it stick won’t be a bad idea at all. After all the man really does look like the best in the world! ; )

[adinserter block=”1″]Talking about putting the title on him, the only question ringing in my mind (after the show) was what credibility the WWE championship and World Heavy Weight Championship have any more.

The answer could be ‘Well, WWE is entertainment. Lesnar… Lesnar’s wrestling!’

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  1. To each their own, I guess. While you consider Brock Lesnar the greatest wrestler of all-time, I'd rather watch a classic Ric Flair match any day. Not putting down Lesnar, he's a solid wrestler, but it's a stretch to say he's the best ever. He had a good, but not great match with Helmsley.
    A lot of people like the traditional style of pro wrestling. I'm not a huge MMA fan, I don't need every match to look like a legitimate shoot; if that is what I wanted to see, I'd tune into UFC rather than WWF.
    And putting the title on somebody who has no commitment or desire to wrestle full-time would be a huge mistake.


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