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Brock Lesnar Is Healthy And Will Fight

Brock LesnarThe Brock Lesnar mystery is closer to being solved today. Lesnar and UFC president Dana White appeared this afternoon on ESPN SportsCenter. Lesnar claimed that he is cured of diverticulitis and will fight again. Dana White confirmed that Lesnar is still the UFC heavyweight champion and named four potential opponents for Lesnar’s return. The return to the UFC of Brock Lesnar is looking better today than it has in recent months.

Lesnar told his story and it truly is a remarkable story. Lesnar confirmed a lot of what had been reported in recent months. Lesnar said that doctors originally wanted to remove his colon which would have ended his MMA career. He said he received two other opinions and was able to get a reprieve on the surgery at the “eighth hour.” Lesnar went back into training and tried rehabbing the illness and injury on his own. In what Lesnar and White described as a miracle, Lesnar received a clean bill of health at a January 5 checkup. Lesnar credited the miracle to the power of positive thinking, prayer, and training. Lesnar also says that new tests done yesterday confirm that he is clean of diverticulitis and he can go back to fighting.

[adinserter block=”1″]This is truly a remarkable story. Who am I to judge, but it just sounds remarkable that the illness could just disappear on its own without any surgery. I’ll take him at his word and the opinions of the doctors on the news. Lesnar said that he lost 30 pounds when he was originally diagnosed with the illness. He said he has since put most of that back on due to heavy gym training. He looked pretty good from what I could see as he sat there for the live interview.

Dana White clarified that Lesnar is still the UFC heavyweight champion and barring a medical setback, will remain the champion. White also confirmed that Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin at UFC 111 will still be for the interim UFC heavyweight title. White said that the winner would be Lesnar’s next opponent. White also revealed a backup plan which includes two other heavyweight contenders. White stated that if the winner of Mir-Carwin comes out of the fight seriously injured and unable to meet Lesnar within a reasonable timetable that the winner of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez at UFC 110 would then jump in and take the fight.

[adinserter block=”2″]There are a few things to note out of all of this. For one, nobody on the interview confirmed any kind of return date for Lesnar. One would assume June or July given the three-month timetable from UFC 111 but it is just that, an assumption. Also, hypothetically the winner of Mir-Carwin is hurt, is it fair to take them out of the fight when the UFC has waited for a year for Lesnar to fight again? Not too mention, what is the point of an interim title if the champion is fine?

The irony here is that while the UFC lost arguably its biggest draw, they may have gained the fight of the century. I don’t think there is any bigger fight that the UFC could make right now than Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir III. Considering that they sold over 1.6 million pay per views with their last match, I would imagine that their next match could come close to the 2 million mark. Brock Lesnar started promoting the trilogy five seconds after the fight when he got in Mir’s face. Mir has done nothing but talk up a rematch with Lesnar, including taking personal shots at Brock over the last several months. As long as Mir can do what he needs to do and beat Shane Carwin, the wait on Lesnar could turn into the biggest grossing fight in MMA history.

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  1. Hum… not the most articulate man, that Lesnar, but he did mention he lost 40 pounds, not 30… And since he's pretty cut (compared to the "average" 285 person) I imagine a lot of that was muscle…


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