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Brock Lesnar and the UFC Offer the WWE A Historic Proposition

Vince McMahon is holding the keys to the kingdom and those keys are Brock Lesnar. With a smashing win at UFC 200, Lesnar appears on his way to big things in the UFC, which presents the WWE kingpin with a very intriguing option.

There were many critics who thought that the WWE got swerved going into UFC 200. Those critics believed that not only would Brock get KO’d in front of millions of people, but the sight of Lesnar going down so hard would hurt his WWE drawing power. This all begged the question as to why the WWE would risk its biggest drawing card for a measly SummerSlam commercial?

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That never happened. What actually happened was that WWE superstar Brock Lesnar dominated a UFC ranked heavyweight just a little over a month before he heads into SummerSlam. The story couldn’t have played out any better for the WWE. While nothing has been decided it would appear that Brock is far from finished from fighting in the UFC and could be just several months away from receiving a UFC championship fight.

This presents an opportunity for Vince McMahon that he will never have again in his lifetime or ever again in WWE history. While nothing is scripted in the UFC, the WWE can script Brock’s path however they would like. That path could and should be a WWE world championship reign which gives the WWE one of the greatest opportunities it will have. A dual WWE and UFC world champion!

To be fair, Brock wouldn’t be the first to hold gold in the UFC and a major pro wrestling world title. Dan Severn did it in the early days of the UFC when he was the Super Fight champion and NWA world champion simultaneously. But that was a different era and a different time. Brock gives the WWE a very legitimate shot of this happening and while nothing is a given in the UFC, the WWE needs to get this plan in motion immediately and put the belt back on Lesnar.

All we know today is that Brock is scheduled to wrestle Randy Orton at SummerSlam. On the surface it doesn’t appear to be more than a one-off match. Yet coming off of UFC 200, the WWE really need to think about a shift in plans. While it’s likely too late to rebook the match, why not make the match a WWE world title match? There are several options to get there but I think the most logical would be drafting Brock and Randy as the first two wrestlers for SmackDown. At that point the new G.M. of SmackDown could order the match be for the newly crowned title since they were the first two picks for the brand.

Of course the downside to all of this is that the WWE will have the same issues they had two years ago when they were forced to book big events without a world title match, due to Lesnar’s limited dates. Now with that said, Lesnar did say at the time that he’d be open to doing more dates. Maybe that’s part of the negotiation between Vince and Lesnar to do another UFC fight?

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There is also the real possibility that Lesnar may not fight for the heavyweight title until 2017. That said, the booking can always be laid out where someone is built up over the next several months to be a strong challenger for Lesnar at WrestleMania? Plus with two world champions on the roster, I’d have to think the pressures of having a dormant world champion would be less.

Now if it does wind up being that Lesnar won’t fight for the UFC heavyweight title until next year, he really doesn’t need the title until the Royal Rumble. However, there is an enormous amount of momentum around Brock right now. Do you want to capitalize on it now in six months?

Whatever happens from here is in Vince McMahon’s hands as he will make the ultimate call. I have to think that the idea of having his WWE world champion hold the UFC heavyweight title at the same time is intriguing enough to roll the dice on it. If not, this could go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities in recent history.

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