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Broadway Tebow: The Great White Way

Tim TebowThe Great White Way is a comedic backstage musical about second chances, finding inspiration in unlikely places and following your heart, no matter where it may lead.

In the locker room of Met Life Stadium, Tim Tebow, an aspiring NFL quarterback, irons jersey’s for the New York Jets, a team who is led by starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has lead his team to two consecutive AFC Championship appearances in two of his first three years in the league. Tim Tebow stars as the great white shark that terrorizes Mark Sanchez, the Jets fan base, and the Jets organization. Timmy’s pedestrian life suddenly changes when he falls for Kim Kardashian, a reality-star vixen who’s ulterior motive is to end Tebow’s 24 years of virginity. Inspired by Kardashian’s journey and the legacy of her failed marriage to Baby Huey aka Kris Humphrey’s, Timmy begins his own heartfelt musical about the wacky road to The Great White Way, proving that you can fully realize your dreams at any age and beyond any obstacle.

[adinserter block=”2″]The plot begins as Tim Tebow is traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets. The unappreciative John Elway overlooked Tebow’s contributions to turning around a franchise left for dead by former head coach Josh McDaniels. Timmy lead the 1-4 Broncos from the grasp of the evil maniacal Kyle Orton, and with the holy spirit behind him, helped lead the Broncos to miraculous victories over the Dolphins, Jets, Vikings, and Bears on route to an 8-8 record, AFC West crown and playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After the Broncos were eliminated by the New England Patriots, Executive Vice President John Elway failed to show faith in the chosen one by naming Tebow the starting quarterback going into training camp only. The 144,000,000,000 Tebow fans were in an uproar over the lack of faith in Timmy’s ability to continue to lead the Broncos to the Promised Land. They realized that Elway was a bitter and jealous old-man because Tebow had accomplished in 24 young years what took Elway his whole life-time to accomplish, if you take away Elway’s five Super Bowl appearances, two Super Bowl victories and his Hall of Fame induction.

What Elway and the Broncos organization failed to realize was that they were sinning by bringing in future Hall of Fame quarterback and Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning to replace a man who has accomplished the following:

• First Round NFL Draft Pick in 2010.
• Winner of two NCAA National Football Championships.
• First-ever sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.
• Winner of the Davey O’Brien award as the nation’s best college quarterback.
• Two-time winner of the Maxwell Award as the nation’s top college football player.
• Winner of the James E. Sullivan award as the nation’s most outstanding amateur athlete in any sport.
• Catalyst for turning a 1-4 Broncos team to turn-around an otherwise dismal season to an improbable 8-8 record, AFC West Crown and Wildcard Playoff victory.

Enter the New York Jets who can appreciate all the intangibles that Tim Tebow offers the organization and New York City. Not only are the Jets getting a multi-dimensional player, they are also getting a Broadway act to boot. The question becomes what will incumbent starting quarterback Mark Sanchez feel about a potential threat to his coronation as king of the Jets.
Mark Sanchez, like Tim Tebow has accomplished a lot in his first three years as Jets quarterback including:

• Two consecutive AFC Championship appearances in his first two years as an NFL quarterback.
• Sanchez became the fourth rookie quarterback in NFL history to win his first post-season contest, and the second to do so on the road.
• Sanchez became only the second rookie quarterback to win two consecutive playoff games, behind Joe Flacco.
• Sanchez is tied with Len Dawson, Roger Staubach, Jake Delhomme, and Joe Flacco for the second most post-season road victories by a quarterback in NFL history.

[adinserter block=”1″]Will Tebow swallow Mark Sanchez, the Jets fan base, and the organization whole, or will Musical leaders Mike Tannebaum and Rex Ryan be able to tame Tebowmania and the Great White Way on the path to the Super Bowl in New Orleans?

Stay tuned as The Great White Way comes to Broadway starting Monday March 26, 2012 on a television near you!

Roberto Padilla is host of “The Full Nelson Radio Show” Mile High Sports Radio 1510 AM/93.7 FM Denver; Sundays 2-4 PM ET, Internet Sports Station; Wednesdays 9-11 PM ET, Twitter: Roberto Padilla @HeelTruth

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