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Brittany Mahomes Shows Off Her Husband Patrick Mahomes’ Photography Skills in Bikini Snaps

Brittany is certainly appreciating her husband’s great photography skills.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes officially started their honeymoon last week after getting ‘just married’ and tying the knot in Hawaii last week. Moments after that, the newlywed couple boarded a private jet on Tuesday and to an unknown location.

And it is certainly safe to say that all is going well. Brittany is certainly enjoying the vacation with her husband Patrick who also happens to be a great photographer for his wife. Brittany shared the moments of her honeymoon on social media and also showed off her husband’s photography skills in some snaps.

Brittany’s Bikini Snaps

The longtime couple both 26, have been sharing pictures of their honeymoon on their social media. The most recent ones came from Brittany’s Instagram account where she shared some sultry snaps of herself wearing a bikini. What’s more, these pictures are clicked by her own husband Patrick.

In one picture, Brittany poses on a boat wearing a two-piece bikini of white color and also wears a hat of the same color. She also wears black sunglasses which perfectly compliment her outfit. In the other picture, Brittany closes her eyes and takes the sun on her face while holding her hair from one hand. The bikini perfectly shows off her curves and her toned abs

The first few photos of their honeymoon showed up on Brittany’s Instagram stories and posts wherein one picture, Brittany is seen cuddling up to her husband standing on an overlook of a hike. She captioned the image with: “Went to St. Barth’s for our honeymoon [heart eyes emojis]”.

Instagram Husband

Patrick was praised for his great photography skills in the comments by many fans where one person commented: “Hubby done did good, picking his wifey and playing honeymoon photog”. Another person added: “Patty with the camera [fire emoji].”

Brittany also shared her bikini snaps on her story where she captioned it as: “@patrickmahomes has now clocked in as the Instagram husband [laughing emoji] We shall see how the photos turn out [laughing emoji]”. Patrick better add ‘Instagram Husband’ on his Instagram bio now!

Patrick and Brittany

There is no secret that Patrick and Brittany have been long time lovers. The couple started out as two friends going to school together in Texas. Patrick, who is the quarterback for Kansas City’s Chiefs became close with Brittany in 2011 when he was a freshman at Whitehouse High School.

The two officially started dating in March 2012 and finally got engaged in September 2020. The couple kept their romance alive even when they were living in different places and going to different schools.



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