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Britney Spears Flaunts Her Breasts in lacy lingerie While Breastfeeding Her Newborns

Lingerie-clad Britney Spears flaunts off her breasts and bragged about being a “freaking milk machine” while nursing her boys. This time around, the 40-year-old did not leave anything to the imagination.

A close-up shot of Britney’s breast in black lace undergarments was shared by the singer on Instagram on Monday. She didn’t give the posting a title, despite the fact that it included three slides of content.

“I’ve been nursing my two babies… like a friggin milk factory,” the Toxic singer wrote. If my infants were ever going to get hungry, then I had practically pumped six full bottles and was always prepared to stroll with me while nursing!”

“I was continually splashing and sucking since I was so full with milk and my breast were a little uncomfortable,” the singer said. Kevin Federline, Britney’s 43-year-old ex-husband, is the father of their two boys, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15.

On a recent holiday to Maui, Britney had the opportunity to cuddle a woman’s two-month-old baby, as she stated in the description. While holding the infant, she wrote: “It felt like my spine would jump out and automatically return… it was immediate! I guess as women our bodies have emotions.”

There was 40 vehicles worth of porridge on my dick at one point when I was nursing my sons back-to-back. When Britney recounted parenting her two boys on tour, she spoke highly of the “strength” of moms. While women’s intuition is remarkable when it comes to newborns, “kids…where that’s things become tough.”


In fact, I believe that my father has always portrayed the part of a child.” When her father became her guardian for the first time, “I’ll never forget that day,” she wrote. Late last year, following 13 years as Britney’s custodian, Jamie, Britney’s father, was discharged.

She asserted that she was right In front of him, Jamie stated, “I’m Britney Spears and I’m in command from here on. Continued by the singer, “Ever since that day, I thought that a large part of my femininity had been ripped away from me.” “I’ve never been the same,” she says.

Once Britney mentioned missing “the intense terror of living in anonymity,” she stated it helped her “feel so alive.”

“If you glance at my breast it maybe might qualify for baby ass,” commented Britney after claiming her father treated her like “a game of chess.” “So go ahead and give it a kiss.”

What more do you know about me? I’m a scumbag, a lover, a child, a mother, a sinner, and a saint.” As long as you know that, I don’t care. I’m your nightmare, your fantasy, and nothing in between. Surely nothing could be more perfect than this for you? Who’s up for a game?

When she finished repeating the words to Meredith Brooks’ song B***h, Britney wrote, “TAKE ME BACK LOL???????” – – – – More along the lines of, “F**K YOU TILL THE DAY I DIE.”



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