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Bringing Back Two WWE World Titles

As the WWE once again scheduled their draft (which took place already) after deciding to do their brand split between Raw and Smackdown, I couldn’t help get that feeling of déjà vu as I clearly remember the brand split of years ago. It was only a matter of time that this storyline would be recycled again as many storylines have been over the years. And it’s not a bad one to bring back especially when they have the chance to still make it work.

It started out strong. The general managers were good for each brand especially the Smackdown brand at least in my opinion. I hoped they’d stick with the one world title for both brands. Having one world title strengthens the title (and the champion) and this was the opportunity to elevate the secondary titles like the Intercontinental title, and the US title more than they have been in years.

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Unfortunately, we already know that won’t happen. As of this writing they made the decision to add another world title (Universal title on Raw) which I wish they didn’t do. There was talk they would, and then some talk that they wouldn’t, but of course they did. However, they could have made this brand split different by allowing the brands to constantly compete for that one world title. The secondary champion of each brand could have been elevated to be if not as important as the world champion almost as important where important feuds, could be planned, and important title matches scheduled. The secondary champion can also challenge the world champion something that occasionally happened back in the day, only it didn’t happen that often because the secondary titles were considered important enough titles on their own.

Now by adding the second world title where will that leave the secondary titles? They will likely get less time, now which won’t be a good thing. Despite my preference for one world champion, I still see the advantages of adding the second title too however. Having two champions on each brand does make the split feel more realistic for if they are going to push two separate brands then they do need two separate world champions. The main problem however is how to bring back that world title, and there isn’t any other way than to just bring it back with the tournament that took place with Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan already mentioning how Raw needed to create their own title, this already begins the old argument of which brand owns the real world title which of course Smackdown can argue that they do since Ambrose now on Smackdown retained his title.

Another advantage to bringing back the second world title is the excitement of having the champions confront each other during a pay per view like WrestleMania like HHH and JBL did back at WrestleMania 21. That’s not a bad thing either.

Despite this some things will be different. Smackdown is broadcasting live every Tuesday, a day after Raw. (Time will tell how that works out on a consistent basis) And what about the other titles? The tag team champions? The Woman’s champion? Do we need additional tag team champions or another Woman’s champion on Smackdown? I don’t think so. The woman’s champion, and tag team champions should be able to defend the titles on both shows. They wouldn’t need to defend the titles every week. Or if they do they could divide their time on the shows. For example, on the week the Woman’s champion is on Raw they could send the tag team champions to Smackdown, while the next week they could reverse that. That’s an option, but apparently there are rumors that they will be adding the second tag team and woman’s title on Smackdown to give the program their own tag team and Woman’s champions.

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I don’t think that’s a good idea for the simple reason that they would be adding too many titles again even for two programs. This could add pressure to create more title programs especially with two weekly live shows, that may push the secondary titles (as I mentioned) more to the backburner. Then in the same sense, Raw and Smackdown are two separate programs. For each program to have their own titles would make them seem more legit as their own program, as I mentioned with the World title which is not a bad thing. It’s just that feeling of oversaturation of having too many titles.

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