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Bring Chima Back to Big Brother 11

Chima Big Brother 11 >I absolutely couldn’t stand Chima Simone when she was in the Big Brother 11 house. She was foul-mouthed, immature, and made many extremely racist remarks. I couldn’t wait to see her out. However, after a few days I am on my knees begging the Big Brother crew to bring back Chima! This house is about to put me to sleep.

I am a Big Brother watcher going back to season one when Eddie won. I have seen them all come and go. Unfortunately I probably couldn’t name 10 previous cast members. Most of them just fade back to obscurity after the show and didn’t leave a lasting impression. I will remember Chima Simone 20 years from now.

[adinserter block=”1″]Chima was undoubtedly one of the most insane Big Brother players in show history. Other than Evil Dick, I can’t remember an older player acting that immature in my life on the show. The girl just went absolutely nuts when something didn’t go her way. She is obviously a girl that is used to getting what she wants. Big Brother is not the kind of game for someone who can’t check that attitude at the door.

There have been many divas that have come through Big Brother. The difference is that they understand it is a game. It just appeared to me that she never caught on to that. She took everything extremely personal and quite honestly, made a jackass of herself on national television. She became hostile, physical at times, and once her biggest weapon (her sexuality) didn’t work, she completely lost it.

It all started when Russell became Head of Household. As HOH, you get a master bedroom and privacy. Chima put the moves on him something fierce. I watched her make her move on Big Brother After Dark and thought at the time that she looked completely pathetic. Russell rejected her sexual advances. It was immediately thereafter where she lost focus of the game and wanted to avenge Russell with an eviction.

Things got heated when Michelle told Russell that Chima had said she wanted him out. Russ confronted all of them, Michelle denied it (she did tell him), and Chima sided with Michelle. Russell blew up and Chima just got incredibly personal and even physical with Russell. The two started screaming like maniacs and it became obvious quick that this was all about Chima being rejected and not being called out as a liar.

Russell started to chill out, but Chima kept it going. Chima sunk to a new low by calling Russell a terrorist. Russell Kairouz is of middle-eastern decent. Chima played it off that she used terrorist because he was terrorizing the house. Chima would later tell housemates that America doesn’t like middle-eastern people so this was definitely a racial remark. What makes matters worse is that Chima gave a speech in the first week about racism and blatantly called another houseguest a racist. She later admitted that she played the racist card to get votes. Yes, I am sure her family is real proud of her.

After last week’s eviction ceremony, Chima went nuts when things didn’t go her way. She talked about holding Big Brother 11 up for money, etc. She tried to rally her friends to walk out and strong arm Big Brother. Once she was up for eviction she completely lost her mind and threw her microphone in the hot tub. An hour later she was fired off of the show by the producers. They had seen enough. Chima had also inflicted damage to the personal property of her housemates.

[adinserter block=”2″]Since Chima is gone the show has completely hit rock bottom. It’s boring! Everyone is getting along, there is very little tension, and there is nothing going on until eviction night. Hearing Chima use blatantly racist remarks on television was extremely uncomfortable. However, I did watch the show. I am losing interest fast now. They need to inject this show with something fast because it is turning into a sleeper.

Chima said that anyone who aligns themselves with a racist and a misogynist deserves to go home. Well send me home because I am aligning with a racist. I want Chima back! I miss the tension, I miss the fights, and most importantly I miss the unexpected. I know what to expect now and it isn’t good. It is with great pain that I even fight for a monster like this. But if I have to watch one more boring episode I think I am going to throw my television into the hot tub.

Chima’s anti-racist speech from Big Brother episode 4



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