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Brie Larson Joins ‘Fast & Furious 10’ Cast

American actress Brie Larson is all set to join the Justin Lin’s Fast and Furious 10. Brie Larson who is 32 currently has also known to be playing very famous roles like Captain Marvel and has also been a part of various movies like Avengers: Endgame. Hence, it seems like our very own Captain Marvel will show some more action to us in her upcoming Fast and Furious 10.

Brie Larson will be joining huge actors like Vin Diesel in her forthcoming F10. According to several reports, Larson is the newest person yet to become a part of the movie. However, it is unclear whether more new actors will be added to the upcoming movie or not. The current cast includes Vin Diesel, Jason Mamoa, John Cena, Sung Kang, and various other famous actors.

The news of Larson being a part of the movie broke in when the franchise announced and made things official. Vin Diesel himself took to his official Instagram account to announce the same. Vin posted a happy picture of him and Brie where both of them can be seen laughing cheerfully. He captioned the picture stating “Yes, yes, yes… “That’s Captain Marvel,” you think to yourself as you see this angel above my shoulder cracking me up. ”

He further wrote “This photograph clearly depicts love and fun. What you don’t see, though, is a character who will appear in Fast10. You have no clue how important and legendary she will become in our mythology. Beyond her beauty, brilliance, and Oscar, hehe, she is a profound spirit who will add something you didn’t expect but wished for.
Brie, welcome to the FAMILY.”

As soon as Vin made this post-internet went crazy, especially F10 fans. Apart from Brie joining the cast, fans and netizens were overwhelmed because Vin referred to the F10 cast as “family”. Dwayne Johnson, on the other hand, will most likely not appear in Fast 10. Last year, Diesel pleaded with Johnson to return to the franchise and play Hobbs one last time.

“This past June, when Vin and I really communicated over social media and not over social media, I told him directly – and personally – that I would not be returning to the business,” Johnson stated. The new film will be directed by Justin Lin and will be released in theaters on May 19, 2023.

Diesel will reprise his role as Toretto in the latest film in the long-running franchise, with Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Sung Kang, and Charlize Theron. Brie, on the other hand, is working on several initiatives. She will reprise her role as Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in the film ‘The Marvels,’ and she will also star in the television series ‘Lessons.’

Larson has also won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a Primetime Emmy. In 2019, Time named her one of the world’s 100 most powerful people. Larson grew up in Sacramento and was homeschooled. She was the youngest student admitted to the American Conservatory Theater at age six. She moved to Los Angeles and began performing in 1998.



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