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Brett Rogers Wins In Bellator Debut

There were many questions surrounding Brett Rogers MMA career after signing with Bellator. Could he reach the full potential many predicted he would achieve back in Strikeforce? That question remains to be seen yet his debut at Bellator 71 is certainly a step in the right direction.

[adinserter block=”2″]It has been a long strange road for Brett Rogers ever since he shot to immediate fame with a 0:22 KO win over Andrei Arlovski. Rogers has seen legends, champions, jail, the unemployment line, and is now looking to resurrect his MMA career in Bellator. Kevin Asplund would be Rogers first test and while he is no Fedor, this was certainly not an easy fight by any means.

There was actually a story to this fight although it comes off as a bit too WWE-ish to believe. These two guys were once close friends and sparring partners. According to the pre-fight hype the two men’s wives were out for a Ladies’ night out and Asplund’s wife went outside for a cigarette. Somehow Rogers’ house ended up in flames and it was blamed on Mrs. Asplund.

Asplund (who looks a bit like a fat Chuck Liddell) brought a 15-1 record into the Bellator arena on Friday night against the former Strikeforce standout Brett Rogers. Rogers has certainly faced stiffer competition but a loss here would have been tough to recover from. Rogers knew that, was focused, and came out swinging for a knockout.

Rogers nailed Asplund early with a right hand. Rogers then unleashed a surprising belly to belly suplex and followed up with an onslaught of ground and pound. Seeing Rogers intentionally take a fight to the ground is something I never expected. Asplund fought for a kimura yet Rogers was able to pound his way out of it. What impressed me here was Rogers’ technique in keeping Asplund down when Asplund tried to get up. Rogers nailed a few uppercuts on Asplund that busted “Concrete” wide open.

Rogers nailed Asplund with a vicious knee strike but was taken down in round 2. Asplund had Rogers’ back and took him down once again. Asplund seemed gassed and went for a kimura once again. Asplund gassed out and Rogers took his back, although he didn’t do much. This fight was looking more like a preliminary fight on a heavyweight season of The Ultimate Fighter. Rogers just laid on top of Asplund and didn’t do much until he unleashed as the round closed.

The doctor came in and stopped the fight in between rounds. Asplund left eye was the size of a ball and barely open. Asplund’s corner wanted to continue but the fight was stopped by the doctor. Asplund was smiling after the stoppage probably not realizing that it meant a loss. Otherwise I have no idea why someone would smile after losing a fight like that.

[adinserter block=”1″]Rogers got the win and is now in the midst of a two-fight winning streak. I always found Rogers overrated although to be fair he was very close to defeating Fedor in that first round. Otherwise he is simply Kimbo Slice without the arthritis to me. He should do fine in Bellator as the heavyweight division is full of unskilled one trick ponies like Brett Rogers.

It still amazes me that any major MMA promotion would book a guy that was just recently convicted of beating the crap out of his wife. Especially a company about to become the MMA face of Spike TV. Stay classy Bellator!

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