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Brett Rogers Charged With 3rd Degree Assault, Fired!

Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers is used to giving guys black eyes, but today he has given the entire sport of MMA a big one. Rogers was arrested and charged with 3rd degree assault of his wife according to a Minnesota report.

Here is what the website out of Minnesota wrote about the incident.

Major-league Mixed Martial Artist and Apple Valley, Minn. resident Brett Rogers was arrested and jailed in connection with assaulting his wife Wednesday in their south metro home. She was reportedly strangled, punched repeatedly in the head and face and lost a tooth in the struggle.

[adinserter block=”1″]Brett Charles Rogers, 30, has been charged with assault in the third degree, domestic assault by strangulation and pattern of stalking conduct — all felonies –in Dakota County. He was also charged with endangerment of a child, a gross misdameanor.

His wife blacked out from being choked, suffered a golf ball sized wound on her face among smaller wounds. The couples daughter had tried to intervene after she saw Rogers strike her mother.

The article also reports that Rogers admits to drinking alcohol before the argument broke out. According to the report, Rogers is claiming that his wife punched him first and he returned the strike. Well nobody ever claimed he was a lawyer.

Rogers was given $100,000 bail which he met with conditions. He is also expected to return to court Friday at 10 AM.

This comes just two weeks after Rogers was eliminated in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament. Rogers was tapped out in a quarterfinals fight against Josh Barnett in Dallas. Barnett smothered Rogers and dominated him with ground and pound for a round and a half before turning out the lights on Rogers. I could be wrong but it looked like Rogers’ wife was in his corner for the fight.

Rogers has been an MMA fighter since 2006. Rogers became known quickly for his heavy hands, accumulating nine wins in a row by TKO or KO. Rogers rose to prominence after dropping former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski in 0:22 with a series of punches. Rogers’ instant fame turned him into an elite Strikeforce heavyweight, allowing him to give up his full time job as a tire changer.

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Rogers almost became a legend when he dropped Fedor Emelianenko on live television and dominated him for the first round of their fight. Unfortunately for Rogers a resilient Fedor came back and quickly knocked out Rogers in the second round. The TKO handed Rogers his first loss and started a two fight slide, both losses by knockout. Since defeating Arlovski Rogers has gone an unimpressive 1-3 with most MMA insiders feeling that Rogers has been in way over his head with the elite heavyweights.

[adinserter block=”1″]Brett Rogers should be worried this morning…very worried. Six months ago it is likely that Strikeforce would have given him a second chance. I wouldn’t expect the same from Zuffa LLC. To be fair, Tito Ortiz was accused of domestic violence a few months ago. Dana White allowed the case to play out before making any rash decisions. The case was later dropped against Ortiz. Brett Rogers probably won’t be so lucky.

There is never a “good” time to beat up your wife, but if there was ever a time for a Strikeforce fighter like Rogers to stay on his best behavior the time is now. Rogers is probably making more money than he is worth coming off of three Strikeforce losses and Dana White doesn’t have a reputation for being real tolerant to fighters with domestic abuse issues. I would be shocked not to see Rogers cut in the near future.

And I don’t think anyone will have much sympathy for the Grim.

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Update: Dana White told reporters today that Brett Rogers has been fired. Good luck back at the tire shop.

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