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Bret Hart Compares Current WWE Product To WCW

Bret Hart is doing a fantastic job lately of trying to burn any bridges that have been repaired with the WWE over the last few years. Hart did a Q & A recently and in addition to slamming Triple H once again, took a shot at the current product that may have been the final straw.

[adinserter block=”1″]Arda Ocal recently sat down with Bret Hart and did a lengthy interview with him on a variety of different subjects. Triple H was of course brought up but so was Hart’s take on the current WWE product. While Hart is certainly entitled to his own opinions, I can’t imagine that these are the kinds of things that the WWE wants someone affiliated with the company saying about them.

Interestingly enough it should be noted that Ocal has since removed the video from YouTube. He changed the settings to private. I have no idea why or if this is something he will change but unfortunately it is not available for viewing. Fortunately for us, enough people including yours truly have seen it to get the word out.

Bret took his usual shots at Triple H, which have become comedic at this point. Hart said that he has no relationship with Hunter other than a casual hello. Bret also gave Hunter’s match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29 a 4 out of 10, which is what is making the headlines. Let’s be honest. The match wasn’t great but I’d certainly give it more than 4/10.

I was really disappointed with the last two (WM matches) – well, Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H. To me, it was everything I imagined in my head before I watched it. There was nothing new or creative,” Hart said. “Whereas Punk and Taker stole the show. The way the story flows and a match goes – some of the other matches could have been much better. I know Rock and Cena worked hard, but I think they were missing a little Bret Hart in their matches.

Bret has backtracked from this remark and clarified his response on his Twitter account.

My comments to Arda about Trip H Lezner match being 4 out of 10, was in reference to a sign someone held up on Raw. In truth, I thought they had the second best match of the night, and both worked very hard. Hope that (clarifies) things.

In all fairness to Bret, I do remember seeing that sign on RAW.

But to me, it was what Bret said about the current WWE product that was my biggest takeaway.

I think there are a lot of people in charge of the wrestling who have no business being in charge…I think it’s turned into a little bit of WCW. They’ve hired a lot of guys who, to me, are not more skilled than the wrestlers they’re talking to…The way they control them (characters) in wrestling now, there’s no room for ‘Bret Hart’ anymore with my own look from my head…Today in wrestling, it’s ‘You’re going to be a dancer. We’re going to give you six weeks of dancing lessons and send you out to the ring.’ Kudos to Fandango for making it work.

While I am sure the response will get Bret some heat with the company I don’t think he is off the mark at all. As a matter of a fact this is one of the few things I do agree with Bret on. The promos all come across as superficial and phony compared to the raw emotion I saw from guys as a kid and teenager. On the other hand there are writers on the team like Dusty Rhodes, Michael Hayes, and Triple H that have been in the ring and understand it. Unfortunately Vince McMahon is the one who sees his product different from people like myself and in this instance Bret.

[adinserter block=”2″]What is funny about this is that Hulk Hogan was recently interviewed about TNA Wrestling. Hogan compared to TNA Wrestling to WCW, but used it as a positive. Here you have Bret comparing the WWE to WCW as a negative example. It tells you everything you need to know about how differently WCW is viewed between Hogan and just about every other wrestler who ever worked for both the WWE and WCW.

Let’s hope the video goes back online because it is a fantastic interview with Bret, regardless of whether you agree with what he says or not.

Thanks to for the transcription.

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  1. Bret is right. To me, HHH is/was/forever be boring as hell and a weak wrestler. Retire already and please never come back.

  2. I agree that the product is becoming comparable to WCW in a bad way. That I agree with the HItman.

    The rest: I mean, the matches needed "a little Hitman?" and his predictable comments about Hunter? Bret: put a sock in it.


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