Bret Hart Takes Dig At Hulk Hogan, Talks Attitude Era


[adinserter block=”1″]Bret “The Hitman” Hart has never been shy about his feelings towards Hulk Hogan. That is why it is no surprise to see the former WWE champion take every opportunity possible to take shots at his former colleague including a recent interview promoting the WWE Attitude game.

The Bret Hart-Hulk Hogan rivalry is one of the most entertaining to follow as a fan who watched both during their prime. For years neither man said complimentary things about the other, until of course they worked together in WCW. Now that WCW is long gone and they won’t be working together anymore, the gloves have come off with Bret throwing most of the shots.

Bret took a shot at the former WWF champion to help promote the new WWE Attitude game in a recent interview. Bret talked a bit about the transition between Hogan’s era and the Attitude era and why it went over so well with the fans.

I don’t want to rag too much on Hulk Hogan but he’s pretty one-dimensional,” said Hart. “Very big guy. The great, magnificent body that he had — the 22-inch arms and all that kind of stuff. But after a while, after (The Ultimate) Warrior came, it was like, ‘Enough of the body-building, let’s go on with who can actually do a drop-kick and who can actually climb up on top and do stuff.‘”

I think Bret is a little off here if you look at the big picture. There are plenty of matches on You Tube that show Hogan going at a much higher speed in Japan than he did in the WWF. I hate to be a Hogan defender but as someone who grew up in that era he gave the fans what they wanted. He didn’t do more or less. Guys liked Bret worked hard underneath but Bret wasn’t going nearly that hard and fast as world champion. It’s easy to say Hogan was slow or sucked. But the fans ate it up so in my mind it worked.

Bret also talks about his place in the move into the Attitude era.

By the early ’90s when I was sort of in my prime, we started moving to the Attitude Era and I like to think that I kicked the doors open for the Attitude Era.

What Bret fails to point out here is that business was not very good at all when Bret was on top in the early 1990s. I would certainly say that Bret and Steve Austin kicked down the door to the Attitude era. Absolutely, but the Attitude Era really got into full gear after Bret left. I think the period in the early 1990s with Bret on top was more the catalyst for fans demanding a more serious product than Hogan’s era.

Am I being a bit hard on Bret? Maybe and it isn’t because I’m a hater because I am certainly a fan. I just find it a bit hypocritical to see a guy take a shot at another guy’s wrestling who was drawing millions of dollars when that same guy never put that many people in the seats.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have one final note about the interview. Bret tells the interviewer that he believes he had his best matches in 1997. That really took me by surprise yet when you look back on it he may be right. His matches in 1997 with The Undertaker were fantastic. His match with Austin was unbelievable. His matches with Sid I thought were good but nothing special. I am not going to argue with someone rating his own matches. I just thought that was an interesting statement.

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