Bret Hart Says Triple H Is Not Great

Bret Hart has turned into a grumpy, at times bitter ex-WWE superstar. Bret can’t get enough of slamming his peers while telling you how great he was. Bret’s latest critique takes aim at Triple H.

I was a Bret Hart fan. I say was because since his retirement Bret has exposed himself as a cocky, arrogant, bitter man who can’t get enough of telling you how his former colleagues never measured up to his greatness. You don’t believe me? Read his book. Unless you are asking him about a Hart family member or someone that has complimented him, the man has nothing nice to say.

That is why it should be of surprise to nobody that when asked about Triple H, Bret took the opportunity to slam his legacy down. Now whether or not this was more about bitter feelings regarding Trips involvement in the Montreal Screwjob (it was his idea), well you can probably come to your own conclusion. Regardless of the influence, Bret Hart doesn’t think Triple H was really that good.

What has ever done that was great? I don’t think that he’s ever had a match that was great.” He also called the WrestleMania 28 match between Triple H vs. The Undertaker “predictable” and “mediocre, at best.

There are probably a lot of people who heard these comments who agree with Bret. Triple H is certainly not a popular guy on the Internet, which is why I have always been slammed anytime I write anything remotely positive about him. However, if Bret really wants to get into this I will go on record as saying that Triple H was more successful than Bret Hart.


I am not nearly as big a wrestling fan as I used to be but I watched everything during the Bret Hart and Triple H eras. Bret had some awesome matches, but overall most of his matches had the exact same formula. Rarely did Bret ever mix it up. His best matches were against Owen Hart, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. Who wouldn’t have great matches against those guys? Bret was good and maybe he was great, but he was not nearly as consistent as Triple H.

Oh the humanity!

Triple H’s run as WWE world heavyweight champion was much more successful in and out of the ring than any of Bret’s reigns. At the end of the day above anything else, Triple H has drawn more money on top time and time again than anytime Bret ever did. I hate to put it out there because I do respect Bret but he is the only WWE champion that Vince McMahon ever cut during his title reign because he wasn’t drawing well. Sure there were other mitigating factors in play but that is a fact that you can never take away from Bret’s legacy.

How great really is Triple H? I mean I can look at CM Punk and Rey Mysterio who have had really unique moves and they do things that are innovative. Then I look at someone like Triple H and when I look at him, he has always at a good look but what has he really done? What has he created that no one else has?

This is a guy who I watched for years have the same exact match every pay per view and yet he is telling me that Triple H doesn’t do anything unique? Bret’s match was a blue print which started and ended exactly the same way unless he was wrestling Owen, Austin, or Michaels. I’m sorry but I can’t say that about Triple H. Once again a lot of people paid a lot of money to see those ordinary moves, a lot more than paid to see Bret’s.

Triple H had several successful eras on top. He has very good to great matches during all, which of course is all subjective to personal taste. Have you ever taken a look at the WWE from a business standpoint in the early 90s when Bret was champion? The majority of fans didn’t care. Ever take a look at Triple H’s run as champion? The people cared and wanted to see him badly beat.

Take Bret’s post-WrestleMania 13 run out of the equation and he was a fairly boring character. Were you that intrigued about seeing Bret wrestle The Mountie, Pierre Oulette, Dr. Isaac Yankem, or Hakushi? It really isn’t fair since the WWE had a much deeper bench in the Triple H era, but the fact is that Bret’s matches were pretty average during that run sans a few big moments.

So what has Triple H ever done that was so great? Well, what has Bret ever done that was so great other than his match with Austin? At the end of the day we are all talking about a worked business so who is better inside the ring is all a matter of what your tastes are as a fan. I look at money as the bottom line and in this case Triple H was the bigger business success than Bret ever was or ever will be.

Sorry Bret but you opened the door on this one.

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