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Bret Hart Says Triple H Is Not Great

Bret Hart has turned into a grumpy, at times bitter ex-WWE superstar. Bret can’t get enough of slamming his peers while telling you how great he was. Bret’s latest critique takes aim at Triple H.

[adinserter block=”1″]I was a Bret Hart fan. I say was because since his retirement Bret has exposed himself as a cocky, arrogant, bitter man who can’t get enough of telling you how his former colleagues never measured up to his greatness. You don’t believe me? Read his book. Unless you are asking him about a Hart family member or someone that has complimented him, the man has nothing nice to say.

That is why it should be of surprise to nobody that when asked about Triple H, Bret took the opportunity to slam his legacy down. Now whether or not this was more about bitter feelings regarding Trips involvement in the Montreal Screwjob (it was his idea), well you can probably come to your own conclusion. Regardless of the influence, Bret Hart doesn’t think Triple H was really that good.

What has ever done that was great? I don’t think that he’s ever had a match that was great.” He also called the WrestleMania 28 match between Triple H vs. The Undertaker “predictable” and “mediocre, at best.

There are probably a lot of people who heard these comments who agree with Bret. Triple H is certainly not a popular guy on the Internet, which is why I have always been slammed anytime I write anything remotely positive about him. However, if Bret really wants to get into this I will go on record as saying that Triple H was more successful than Bret Hart.


I am not nearly as big a wrestling fan as I used to be but I watched everything during the Bret Hart and Triple H eras. Bret had some awesome matches, but overall most of his matches had the exact same formula. Rarely did Bret ever mix it up. His best matches were against Owen Hart, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. Who wouldn’t have great matches against those guys? Bret was good and maybe he was great, but he was not nearly as consistent as Triple H.

Oh the humanity!

Triple H’s run as WWE world heavyweight champion was much more successful in and out of the ring than any of Bret’s reigns. At the end of the day above anything else, Triple H has drawn more money on top time and time again than anytime Bret ever did. I hate to put it out there because I do respect Bret but he is the only WWE champion that Vince McMahon ever cut during his title reign because he wasn’t drawing well. Sure there were other mitigating factors in play but that is a fact that you can never take away from Bret’s legacy.

How great really is Triple H? I mean I can look at CM Punk and Rey Mysterio who have had really unique moves and they do things that are innovative. Then I look at someone like Triple H and when I look at him, he has always at a good look but what has he really done? What has he created that no one else has?

This is a guy who I watched for years have the same exact match every pay per view and yet he is telling me that Triple H doesn’t do anything unique? Bret’s match was a blue print which started and ended exactly the same way unless he was wrestling Owen, Austin, or Michaels. I’m sorry but I can’t say that about Triple H. Once again a lot of people paid a lot of money to see those ordinary moves, a lot more than paid to see Bret’s.

Triple H had several successful eras on top. He has very good to great matches during all, which of course is all subjective to personal taste. Have you ever taken a look at the WWE from a business standpoint in the early 90s when Bret was champion? The majority of fans didn’t care. Ever take a look at Triple H’s run as champion? The people cared and wanted to see him badly beat.

Take Bret’s post-WrestleMania 13 run out of the equation and he was a fairly boring character. Were you that intrigued about seeing Bret wrestle The Mountie, Pierre Oulette, Dr. Isaac Yankem, or Hakushi? It really isn’t fair since the WWE had a much deeper bench in the Triple H era, but the fact is that Bret’s matches were pretty average during that run sans a few big moments.

[adinserter block=”2″]So what has Triple H ever done that was so great? Well, what has Bret ever done that was so great other than his match with Austin? At the end of the day we are all talking about a worked business so who is better inside the ring is all a matter of what your tastes are as a fan. I look at money as the bottom line and in this case Triple H was the bigger business success than Bret ever was or ever will be.

Sorry Bret but you opened the door on this one.

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  1. I laugh you mention Owen, Shawn and Austion and think that’s all of his greatest matches. You sir didn’t follow bret hart because you failed to mention the other three guys he had legendary matches with. See Bret had to actually work his way up unlike HHH. The other three top guys. Roddy Piper, Curt Hennig and Davey Boy Smith. Go google those matches. Brets matches were legendary and he sold the story. Heck even his feud with Bob Backlund was a great storyline that the two characters worked. Now quickly name one guy HHH has had a memorable feud with and sold the story that you wanted to see that match. Honestly I cant think of one. HHH has the DX angle going for him and that’s what drew money. He is not as bad as Bret says but lets not say he was better then bret….Cmon

    • You are correct in that Hennig, Piper, and Bulldog were all great matches. But to completely dismiss Triple H is ignorant. He is a much better promo than Bret and I think we just saw a storyline at WM 30 with Hunter that drew money. In addition to Batista, Undertaker, Cena, Shawn, and Jericho.

  2. HHH couldn't lace Hart's boots in terms of technical wrestling. And the 5 move argument is a dumb one because a lot of the wrestlers use five moves in their matches because its part of their MO. That doesn't mean they only know 5 moves. And draw is definitely not bottom line. hart contributed more creativity in his career than current booking, run by HHH, has by a long shot.

  3. Forget those wrestlers how got an opportunity to showcase their talent.. what about Muhammad Hassan, the greatest WWE wrestler in my opinion

  4. As good as Bret matches were, Trips was simply a better character and many of the matches he was in (as a heel), depending who he worked with, were pretty good.

    I'm not taking sides because both were befitting characters for their respective eras. Maybe Bret could have had greater matches if the circumstances leading to Montreal were handled better.

    Still, quantity is more important than quality in pro wrestling and while Bret may be a better wrestler than Hunter, Hunter was a better draw overall.

  5. As I've said in previous columns I've written for the camel clutch blog, no one loves bret more than bret.
    His digs at other wrestlers (warranted or not) are more about himself than anyone else. He's slowly turning into Bruno Sammartino.

  6. All I can say is, Triple H is one of the best storytellers I have ever seen set foot in a wrestling ring. The matches he's had with Udertaker, Rock, HBK, Batista were all epic. He made stars out of Orton/Batista and arguably Cena. Hart, as much as I respect him, has not done have as much as HHH did for wrestinh.

  7. Bret has gone on to say that Triple H v Taker at Wrestlemania was a "4 out of 10" match … which half proves that he has an agenda, then goes on to say that Triple H is not in the top 1000 (that's right, 1000, not 100) wrestlers of all time. That not only proves that Bret does indeed have an agenda, but is further proof that the after effects of the stroke he suffered linger to this very day. Think what you will of Hunter's alleged backstage politics, but to claim that he's not in the top 1000 wrestlers is indisputable proof that Bret is either 1) bitter or 2) stupid. The choice is yours.

  8. No great matches for Hart? The finish was always the same!? Really!? Have these matches below were spontaneous finishes by pin fall or he lost.

    Hart/Bulldog – Summerslam 92
    Hart/Perfect – KOTR 93 or the all three of his matches that night.
    Hart/Piper – WM 8
    Hart/Michaels – WMXII
    Hart/Benoit – Owen Memorial Match
    Hart/Austin – WM13.
    Hart/Diesel – Survive Series ’95
    Hart/Mr. Perfect – Summerslam ’91
    Hart Foundation/Demolition 2 out of 3 falls – Summerslam ’90
    Hart/Owen – WM 10 and Summerslam ’94
    Hart/Micheals – Survivor Series '92
    Hart/Austin Survivor Series ’96

    I actually though Hart vs Yoko at WM 9 was very good in the fact that Hart made Yoko look like a beast while not being totally destroyed. It was very realist which was Hart’s forte.

    I can keep going. Where you born after 1990? Because most that were react the way you do.

    Give Bret Hart a stiff to work with, and he’ll give any workrate fan a chubby. Give Bret Hart a good dance partner, and he’ll make Fred Astaire look like Brodus Clay.

    • No I wasnt. Hard to argue with your list although I dont know if Id put the Diesel and Demolition match in there, but to be fair you could swap those for a couple of Bulldogs matches. My point being that Triple H also had some great matches and Bret and Trips were actually very similar in that they had formulas and stuck to them for the most part. Where they differ is Trips drew much more money.

      • Draw is a weak argument. Meltzer and other have stated that yes HHH was the biggest draw but they all so said that to be a draw at the top you have to have a undercard that can sell as well. Hart and HBK had no under card in the mid ’90’s. Late 1996 the mid card started to be developed. 1997 the mid card became solid and by 1998 the mid card was back to what it was in the mid to late ’80’s and then by early 2000’s the mid card was stacked! You are the only person I have heard that stated Hart and HHH are similar in there move set. Really!? They were polar opposites. HHH had 5-10 moves and that was it and then punched the rest of his matches and looked gassed after 5 mins. HHH on the mic is awesome, but was boring as hell in the ring. His early 2000 matches where only good because of the bumps his opposition took, other then that they where nothing special. Hart is talking about pure in-ring work. Hart is the GOAT when it comes to ring work and I would put HBK at 1B on that list. There’s a reason Monsoon called him the “excellence of execution”. The only reason I put Diesel at SS ’95 because it highlighted Brets work to carry anyone.

        • I completely disagree. Draw is the bottom line. It's easy to make excuses but more people paid at the end of the day to see Triple H as champion than Bret Hart. As for the 5-10 moves, how many did Hart have? Here is the thing. It sounds like you're describing Hart when you say he is awesome on the mic and boring as hell in the ring.

          • Other way around. Hart sucked on the mic and was awesome in the ring. Hart and HBK where deep in the number of moves they have.

          • This is laughable. So if draw is the only maker, then HHH is the GOAT. Better then HBK, Hogan, Hart, Savage, and Flair? I'm I fully understanding you?

      • If its all about money then that makes Hulk Hogan and Austin 2 of the greatest wrestlers. Those 2 literally had 5 moves between them. 7 if you count putting your hand to your ear and the middle finger as moves. I think Bret and HHH were both great. HHH was a lot better on the mic. Bret wasn't great behind the mic but he was one of the best in between the ropes, which is what should matter to wrestling purists.

        • And I forgot the Ultimate Warrior in terms of guys with below avg in ring ability creating tons of money. Box office should matter to Vince not us!

  9. watching someone to see him getting beaten up is different from watching someone to see him win! Besides greatness cannot be measured in terms of business. going by that logic, Macho Man, Bret Hart, CM Punk, Bobby Roode are all substandard. But when we want to watch a classic, its these guys that we turn to.
    I'll give it that Bret used to go through his motions. But what set him apart were his finishes. They used to be clean! (fresh from Royal Rumble 2013, it means a lot.)
    i'd rather see a wrestler pound away with his fist than see someone walk into the ring with a sledge hammer and never use it in 15 years!
    all this as far as greatness goes. as for bitterness… well, no comments!

  10. Bret is right,…ole Vince ruined pro wrestling,,,hogan, 3h, michaels, 'taker, etc,,..lame,,,& the rock,…he knows 1 more move than hogan,,,,so I guess he knows 2

  11. what an awesome article eric!

    i hated triple h because everyone else on the internet hated him too! but there is no way bret could do the things hunter did and get over. hunter could improvise on the mic and make you believe he could beat the undertaker at wrestlemania. over time i came to appreciate him, and he's from new hampshire, so i feel the need to defend my fellow granite statesmen!

  12. Just an old guy looking for attention by stirring up a controversy……and HBk is the greatest Bret wasnt even close to him………and as far as the Taker vs Triple h was predictable for sure but still it was entertaining cuz of the guys…….Bret never had a great match himself….and shut up Bret or u wunt get the small appearances u get on raw.he might be ur boss soon…. 😀

  13. Hey Eric.

    Great article. Looks like someone is still not over "Montreal." Bret is wrong on all levels about Triple H. He could hate HHH the politician, and that's fine…but wow. Like you said, "he opened the door."

    • I know that Brett is extremely bitter, however I too think that HHH is so overrated and riding the coat tails of his father in law and Shawn Michaels. I still think that he drove Chyna into depression, with his and Stephanie's hidden relationship, not that it has anything to do with his in ring ability. HHH in my mind is just not as good a wrestler and performer on screen, as he is portrayed. Ric Flair could not uplift his weakness when WWE paired him with Batista and Flair in Evolution. Sorry, but HHH is not that good.


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