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Bret Hart Returns To Canada On WWE RAW

Bret HartThis Monday night will mark the first time Bret Hart has appeared on a live WWE broadcast in Canada. Bret Hart will be a part of this Monday’s commercial-free WWE RAW live in Toronto, Ontario. If that isn’t enough, the WWE is advertising a Bret Hart vs. The Miz match for the United States title on WWE RAW.

This Monday’s WWE RAW is a monumental show in regards to Bret “The Hitman” Hart. For one, this is reportedly Bret Hart’s last WWE appearance. Two, longtime fans will remember how heated the crowds were for Bret Hart whenever he appeared in Canada. This Monday will give a lot of Bret Hart fans a reason to come out to WWE RAW and make a lot of noise. Finally, this will be the first time Bret Hart has wrestled on WWE RAW since October 27, 1997 when he went to a no-contest with Ken Shamrock.

[adinserter block=”1″]Bret Hart returned to the WWE in January and signed a short-term contract which was scheduled to end at WrestleMania 26. Due to the success of Bret Hart’s return, both parties extended his stay and he has stuck around as a manager to the Hart Dynasty and a special enforcer on the European tour. Technically, this would be Bret Hart’s last appearance but I’m not buying it. Bret Hart is reportedly having fun and the WWE is happy with him so I’d expect him to pop up from time to time doing some angles with the Hart Dynasty or whenever the WWE has a big event in Canada.

Bret Hart will also be doing something nobody expected on Monday which is wrestle. As a matter of a fact, Bret Hart didn’t even expect it. Bret Hart has told friends that he didn’t even know about the match until The Miz announced it on WWE RAW last week. This one could go either one of two ways. As seen at WrestleMania 26, Bret Hart is physically limited in the ring. I could see some kind of match where the Hart Dynasty do most of the work, Bret puts a sharpshooter on Miz, and goes out with a fun title win to get a big pop from the crowd. Following the match, Chris Jericho lays him out and Bret is gone for awhile. I could also see this match not happening at all with some kind of angle that changes the match. Either way, I wouldn’t expect anything of substance inside of the ring from Bret Hart but it would be great to see the reaction he would get if he indeed does win the U.S. title.

[adinserter block=”2″]Toronto has always been a great city for Bret Hart. One of the most memorable angles in WCW Nitro history took place here and involved Bret Hart. It was in Toronto where Bret Hart placed the steel plate under his jersey and took a spear from Bill Goldberg. Bret Hart wrote a lot about the angle in his autobiography, which incidentally may be the best pro wrestling book on the market. Needless to say, there has never been a dull moment for Bret Hart in Toronto.

Whether it ends this week or continues indefinitely, it has been a lot of fun seeing Bret Hart back in the WWE. I think some people were a little over critical of his WrestleMania 26 match with Vince McMahon, but that is just my opinion. While he can’t do some things inside of the ring anymore, he can still cut one of the best promos in pro wrestling. I hope that this was just the start of a long relationship between the WWE and Bret Hart. It was great to see him back and I am pretty excited to see how it all wraps up on WWE RAW this week.

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