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Breaking Down The RG3 NFL Draft Buzz

RG3 HeismanIn today’s sports world it is all about the instant phenomenon rather than the established veterans with proven numbers. Let’s face it, we all bought in to Tebow-mania this past season and we are all currently engrossed in Lin-Sanity in the NBA. These were unexpected heroes doing some nice things, but at brief moments grabbing all of our attention.

While we all get up in Jeremy Lin, the Miami Heat and their 3 big superstars are carrying the NBA’s best record. Last season when all the talk in the NFL Playoffs was about Tebow and his stunning upset over the Steelers, legend Tom Brady and his Patriots were setting up for the big blow out. As the NFL Draft gets closer, we are all in on another potential craze. The story of Robert Griffin the Third and where he will play football in his NFL career.

He already has his stealth nickname of “RG3″ to fit him in with Tebowmania and Linsanity, in fact I will go as far as to coin my own nickname for him, RG3-D, due to the fact that he is lightning fast, and all in your face, much like a 3-D movie! (Alright, the nickname may stink, but someone has to try, right?) He has teams talking all kinds of rumors about giving up multiple draft picks and future franchise moves in order to grab him with the number 2 pick in this year’s draft. Yes, that number 2 pick belongs to the St. Louis Rams, who have been rumored to be more than willing to part with the pick for the right price. The Rams must feel as if they are sitting on a gold mine and several teams with pick axes looking to get a chance at that gold will bid just about whatever it takes.

We have heard several stories about what can happen for RG3, and how he is easily the second-best player in this draft behind only Stanford QB Andrew Luck. We know now that his combine was very impressive. Not only did he run a 40 yard dash that was measured at an amazing 4.41 for QBs (Griffin actually disputed that he ran a 4.35 and that there was a glitch in the timing ), but he also impressed with his mental nature, answering all the hard questions with the poise of a true mature adult ready to make a huge impression, rather than a young talented athlete who feels there is not much in the world not owed to him because of his skill. He didn’t even throw a single pass, but yet answered the skeptics by saying that he was worried about throwing to WRs he was not in sync with. He will throw at his Pro Day at Baylor, but honestly by then it will already be well determined that he will have a great draft status.

So what I am doing here in this article is measuring all the potential scenarios and where Griffin can, should, or could land and what teams will have to do in order to land him. New teams keep popping up into the mix, so I am going to analyze as many as will possibly make sense. Read and enjoy, comment if you like! Aprils draft is still close to 2 months away, so anything can happen.

Here are some potential suitors and scenarios, in no particular order:

[adinserter block=”2”]Washington Redskins: After years of bringing in aged veterans or long-shot QBs, the Redskins can really gain from bringing in Griffin. They hold the number 6 pick in this year’s draft, so that’s a nice starting point to build a nice package to ship to the Rams and use the number 2 pick for Griffin. What they lack is big time WRs, but they do have a nice offensive line. Also not much is expected of them over the next year or 2, so owner Dan Snyder can satisfy his team’s fans with a fun and exciting player that can grow into a superstar. If they don’t make the deal to grab Griffin, it will be yet another free-agent shot on a guy like Peyton Manning ( which is unlikely ) or a guy like David Garrard. This is a spot looking very possible for Griffin.

Potential to land here, on a 1-10 scale: 9

Cleveland Browns: If any franchise could use a fresh and exciting look it’s the Browns. Another franchise that may not have loads of talent at WR, but also another franchise that the fans are going to be patient with to grow with the right pieces in place. This season the Browns own both the 4th and 22nd overall picks in the draft, which can be huge for the Rams who need help in plenty of places. It may be hard to see a team offer 2 first-round picks in one draft, but from what we are seeing, Griffin may be that good that it can be worth it. If the Browns make the move, Colt McCoy would probably stay on as the back-up, and Griffin would go right to work. Major downfall is the fact that they will see 3 very tough defenses twice a year with Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in their division.

Potential to land here: 8

Philadelphia Eagles: If you follow football, and if you’re reading this you most likely do, you probably have heard about Griffin and his meetings with Andy Reid and other Eagles brass at the combine. The Eagles are a franchise that always seem to like a QB that can run and also be able to fire rocket passes. They do currently have Michael Vick on the roster, a QB that many have compared Griffin with, and he does have a big contract, so bringing in Griffin can hurt them with dollars at other positions. There was talk in the rumor mill of the Eagles needing to send 2 first-round picks and WR DeSean Jackson, who may be on his way out via free agency anyway. The move will be a shocker to a very tough sports town that does not have loads of patience in dealing with losing, so the Eagles will have to be real careful with a final decision here. If they don’t make the move, there is enough players in this draft to fill their needs on defense.

Potential to land here: 5

Dallas Cowboys: Anytime it is Draft Day and your team owner is named Jerry Jones, there is always potential for a big trade and a big move. The Cowboys are loaded with talent at the skill positions, and have a former QB and very offensive minded guy at Head Coach in Jason Garrett. I realize that Tony Romo is on the roster, but this team needs something to push them in the right direction. They have still not won a playoff game behind Romo, and the window is starting to close for him. Griffin can get big money, huge endorsements and be an instant household name if he were to find success in Dallas. Another possible selling point is that Griffin is originally from Houston, so it would not be a far travel for friends and family to see him in action. With the Redskins and the Eagles being seen as talkers in this sweepstakes, you would have to think that Jones would not be all that thrilled about this guy going to a division foe. Besides, those great Cowboy teams of the 90s were built on multiple draft picks, so why not reverse that role here?

Potential to land here: 4

Seattle Seahawks: Here is a name I threw into the mix. Not making a buzz in any rumor mill, the Seahawks are a team that could use a top-notch QB for sure. They obviously like the thought of a good scrambler, as they showed when signing Tavaris Jackson last year, but Jackson did not do much to impress Seattle last year. Griffin would have several speedy WRs to work with and could have a good running game as well if the team decides to keep RB Marshawn Lynch. They have a nice defense in place, so the thought of unloading picks to build for right now is not far-fetched. They have been mentioned to be in the Peyton Manning hunt, so why not this one too? The “rah-rah” spirit of Head Coach Pete Carroll could be a nice lead way into the NFL for Griffin as well.

Potential to land here: 5

Indianapolis Colts: Huh? What? Hear this out people, before you blast me! The Colts actually have an interesting scenario here that can play in their favor. Yes, we all expect them to take Andrew Luck and release Peyton Manning and move forward from there, but oh how interesting they can make it if they start to talk Griffin. So here is a case that you can make: The Colts keep Manning, and can trade with just about anyone for that number 1 pick. A trade to a team like Cleveland can land them the 4th and 22nd pick in this year’s draft, and if Manning can play, they will have a star QB and the ability to grab 2 top prospects in April. It will cost them plenty of cash, but put them in the right direction, and every year one or two top QBs come out of college. How do we really know they are set on Luck? There is even a chance they take Griffin, which leaves Luck out there, and can really swing things in crazy directions. These are all crazy thoughts, but thoughts either way.

Potential to land here: 2

St. Louis Rams: Smoke-screen anyone? Could the Rams be pulling a fast one and have some kind of plan for Griffin and the trading of Sam Bradford? It is very hard to imagine that such a thing could happen, and even more unlikely is the fact that they would get near as much for Bradford than they could for the pick that would bring Griffin. However, what’s to say they even part with the pick? They do have needs that can be filled in the draft at number 2. They can take top WR prospect Justin Blackmon, or use the pick for Tackle Matt Kalil, both would fill huge holes in the Rams structure. Another sleeper in all this can be the New England Patriots. They have multiple first and second round picks and perhaps there is a chance they have a love for Blackmon, so much so that they make the deal for the number 2 pick, and Griffin falls to 3, which really blows a hole in this plan. Now, if they knew they could get a first rounder for Bradford and draft Griffin that could make a difference, but don’t bank on it.

Potential to land here: 1

San Francisco 49ers: This is a wild one here, and a huge long shot, but dare I give a scenario? Yes! QB Alex Smith had one nice year this past season, but has had many poor ones leading up to it, and now is a free agent. The 49ers had an excellent season and have plenty of pieces in place. Would it destroy them to unload a few future high picks to make the move for a big time QB? I also have to be serious here and think if Jim Harbaugh could mortgage his future to get a QB, would he not go after his former Stanford guy Andrew Luck? This scenario is so crazy it is making less sense with every word I type, but it would be a neat twist, and you can’t throw any idea away right now.

Potential to land here: 2

New York Jets: While the Giants keep winning Super Bowls, outspoken Jets head coach Rex Ryan still sits and waits. A few years back they took Mark Sanchez, have made it to a few AFC Championship games, but suddenly Sanchez is being seen as a liability, and many feel the Jets will never win it all with him at the helm. This one makes no sense from many angles, and the Jets won’t get much for Sanchez. Griffin could be exciting and sold easily in New York, but to see the Jets dump a ton of picks to make the run at Griffin is unbelievable. Once again, anything is possible.

Potential to land here: 1

Denver Broncos: Let’s all have a good laugh here! All last year while Tim Tebow was winning, all the media could talk about was who would take his place, and how much GM John Elway wanted a steady, franchise QB in Denver. Yes, Tebow at times looked brutal, and at other times looked legendary, so why the doubt? Well every team would love to duplicate the media splash and merchandising boom that Tebow created last year, and today in sports it is very much “what have you done for me lately”. I can’t see Denver dropping so much into the deal to get the pick, but don’t rule out them signing a QB that can play in the free agent market to challenge Tebow.

Potential to land here: 2

Miami Dolphins: They have been the top dog in the Peyton Manning talks this off-season, so we know they have a need at QB. Is this need enough to make this kind of move? The Wildcat offense, although perfected in Miami, has quickly become a thing of the past, but a QB that can run like Griffin, teamed with a speedster like Reggie Bush, and a great WR like Brandon Marshall can sure make things fun. They have good players on the offensive line, but have holes on defense. Some feel too many hole on defense to be ready to compete, which makes unloading picks difficult. However, they are in a tough division, so being patient and building a strong team the right way can pay off in the long run. This is a team whose name we have to consider, but we also have to see if they have the pieces to deal.

Potential to land here: 4

[adinserter block=”1″]New Orleans Saints: Every scenario must be played out here, even this one that I stumbled upon while looking at random blogs on Yahoo Sports. The Saints do not resign Drew Brees, and move in a new direction by making a trade and getting the pick to select Griffin. Sure, but do we remember they also need to sign guys like Carl Nicks and Marques Colston? This one is the craziest yet, but entertaining in its own right.

Potential to land here: 0 and that’s a big fat 0

Buffalo Bills: Many fans from Buffalo have been talking about how much they would like this, but it would take a lot. Sure, to finally have a big time player you can market in Buffalo would be great, but we have to keep in mind that the Bills just shelled out huge contracts for both RB Fred Jackson and current QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. The fact that both of those moves blew up, along with them having to make a move with top WR Stevie Johnson makes this darn near impossible. Plus the Bills need to improve on defense, and they could really use the draft picks.

Potential to land here: 1

In my honest opinion the most sense here for the Rams would be to work a deal with Cleveland and try and land the 4th and 22nd pick. The logic in this becomes simple that at 4 the Rams can choose from a few players that would greatly help them such as LSU CB Morris Claiborne, USC T Matt Kalil and OSU WR Justin Blackmon. After both Luck and Griffin go off the board, the next best option at QB would be Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill, who will fall later into the first round if not the second round.

Keep in mind of course that before draft day free agents will be signed and needs may change, so my guess is as good as anyone else. With each passing day (no pun intended ) new names, ideas, guesses what have you will come up. The best thing we can do is wait, and tune in to the draft. It should be exciting no matter what!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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  1. The Cowboys HAVE won ONE playoff game with Romo. It was the 2009/10 Season against the Eagles. The Cowboys then got whupped by the Vikings with Farve (who in turn got beat by the Saints who went onto Super Bowl glory.). Anyway, I can't see him going to the Cowboys or the Saints (Saints likely to tag Brees, and Jones still likes Romo) . I think maybe the Browns make a deal with the Rams. Anyway, great blog.


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