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Why Bray Wyatt Likely Will Win Money in the Bank

The final lineup for the 2014 Money in the Bank match has been set, and while it is fraught with savvy ring veterans and former titlists, don’t be surprised if the one who walks out of Boston with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the one who already claims to have the whole world in his hands.

[adinserter block=”1″]Putting the belt around the waist of Bray Wyatt makes the most sense. Of the seven participants, he has captured the most overall notice with a climb to the top of the WWE charts that has been equal parts sinister and charismatic. Having him walk out of Boston as the company’s top titleholder only would add more intrigue and give his cult-leaderish character yet another layer of evil dominion over the rest of the WWE roster.

Plus, he would be a fresh face for the top championship, which in the past seems to have been exchanged among a select few superstars.

Judging by the responses from social media, Roman Reigns is the overwhelmingly popular choice to win MITB. And he very well could.

But Reigns is not ready yet to begin his sure-fire monster babyface solo career. He still has a little more mopping up to do with the aftermath of the Seth Rollins heel turn and the storyline with The Authority. WWE has to tie all that up in a nice, neat bow before pushing Reigns as a solo act. He is at the doorstep of that, but it will be a bit longer before he walks through that door.

If the MITB victory ensured a future title match, then Reigns would have to be the odds-on favorite. But since this match is for the title, I do not see Reigns winning. WWE has bigger and better things planned for him – such as winning next year’s Royal Rumble and ultimately the WWE WHC title on WWE’s grandest stage, WrestleMania 31.

Pre-match Internet chatter has Cesaro as the favorite to win MITB and continue his push as the newest Paul Heyman Guy. But while the WWE Universe still sings for the Swing, Cesaro seems to have lost some of his original new-car Heyman Guy smell. He had a decent feud with Sheamus for the United States Championship, but I think WWE has him more in mind to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. Perhaps when it comes to Cesaro, the mantra of “Wait Til Next Year” seems to be falling into place.

The remaining contestants – veterans John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio – will put on a good show, but they ultimately will be put in the position of pushing the other three. All four are former WWE or WHC titleholders, so there is a sense of “been-there, done-that” with them.

Of those four, Del Rio was the weakest champion, so WWE is not going to risk another lackluster title run with him. Sheamus, a three-time titlist, already has the U.S. title. And between them, Cena and Orton have held either the WWE or WHC title 26 times.

It will be a very good MITB match to watch later this month. And with the extra sizzle of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship added in, the intensity definitely will be there.

[adinserter block=”2″]But in the end, the ultimate goal of a pay-per-view event is to, in the words of the Bonnie Raitt song, “give them something to talk about.” Wrapping the belt around Bray Wyatt’s waist would create more buzz that a whole nationwide hive of bumblebees.

Look for Wyatt to have the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in his hands, next to the whole world.

Bill Atkinson is a frequent contributor to Camel Clutch Blog. Follow him on Twitter at @BAtkinson1963.

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  1. I totally disagree with Wyatt being the best choice. How do you lose to straight feuds and then walk away with the title. He didn’t beat Bryan and he didn’t beat Cena. How can you be the man if you didn’t beat the man? Who is he going to wrestle? Reigns, Cena, Orton, and Bryan are all “better” than Bray up to this point. Does he all of a sudden become bigger, faster, stronger? Where does Brock Lesnar fit into this? Is just doesn’t make sense to me just yet.


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