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Bray Wyatt and the Momentum That Follows Him

John Cena may have won the battle but in reality he did not win the war with Bray Wyatt. The cryptic leader of the Family and the followers is building a following that could be compared to the masses of the voiceless WWE fans who followed CM Punk while he was with the company. No, that was not hot at the former WWE Champion, just an observation.

Punk took enough hits last night that did not include his beloved Blackhawks losing in a Game 7 to the Los Angeles Kings. But if you analyze where Wyatt is now and the mass of followers, they are cult-like and the gimmick the former Husky Harris portrays is perfect to step right into Punk’s spot as a leader and follower at the same time.

But here is now the problem with Wyatt’s character – who is next? Who is the one face who can challenge him continuously as the source of good versus the source of evil? John Cena has played the Dusty Rhodes role very well in this feud. Wyatt has assumed the Kevin Sullivan sadistic way for some time now. After Kane and Daniel Bryan appeared to have been busts, the WWE finally found its road to navigate.

But has that road has come to a screeching halt. Should we expect there to be another meeting of the wrestling minds to face off at Money in the Bank, even if the event is in Boston? Will the WWE put Cena in a position to grab the briefcase and challenge the Authority and Evolution in the absence of Daniel Bryan? Does it mean Cena will be pushed ahead of Cesaro, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns and E Langston?

Can the WWE afford to steer a rocky ship much longer without calling on veterans to pull the Titanic to safety?

But this is not about Cena as much as it about Wyatt and what the company does with him now to avoid losing his star power, much like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow – all three who were hurt by the company and its inept ability to make a good thing go very bad.
Three names immediately come to mind when Wyatt’s name is mentioned.

– Sting: The Icon has yet to step into a WWE arena and I can already see the headlines of this kind of a battle. Sting’s character over the years has risen to headliner and then fallen back to become the inspirational savior of both WCW and TNA. It could be the same kind of character and angle the company uses with him in the WWE.

– Sheamus: From a title standpoint, I could see Wyatt challenging the Irishman for the United State Championship and taking the first step toward a world title. The WWE putting the World Title on Wyatt before the end of the year would be the boldest move the company could make.

– Cena: I still love the concept of “Rhodes vs. Sullivan.” Why I think this could be better than Rock/Austin is even cryptic to me, but I think it can be done. The WWE has done a good job of building feuds like Evolution/The Shield and Big Show/Sheamus. Should this become the headliner at Money in the Bank, then it would be well-received by the WWE faithful.

And of course there is the “Elephant in the Room” that won’t be mentioned because hey, he no longer works in the WWE. His Voiceless followers being swayed to follow buzzards would take the roof off any arena. But that was my idea. I’m sure the WWE didn’t even think about that.

Maybe they should have before they let our anti-hero walk.

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