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Bray Wyatt Is Hurt Again And This Short Smackdown Clip Could Show Exactly How It Happened

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt‘s rise to the top of the WWE mountain has been delayed several times by both bad booking and injury. The Wyatt Family hasn’t exactly be on fire as of late — not counting Strowman’s Jobber Squashing of The Week — and things might get worse for the clan. Bray Wyatt might be injured again.

From Cageside Seats:

“In the main event of SmackDown Live last night (Aug. 2), there was a spot before the final commercial break of the evening where Dolph Ziggler’s roll-up attempt momentarily pinned Bray Wyatt’s lower left leg beneath both men.

It’s not included in the official clip of the match on WWE.com and the company’s YouTube channel; in fact, there are no pictures from this stretch of the action in the gallery of photos on their website.”

Thanks to the internet, a clip is available. Here’s possibly the moment Bray threw his back out.

The referee quickly throws up the X to alert the backstage area of a possible injury but a visibly upset Wyatt waves the ref off. He’s obviously in some pain but wants to work through it.[adinserter block=”2″]

Neither the WWE nor Bray have mentioned anything further about the WWE Superstar’s back but Dave Meltzer confirmed that Wyatt did twist his ankle during the match and WWE officials wanted the match to stop but Wyatt refused.

[via Cageside Seats]



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