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Bray Wyatt Gets His WWE World Title

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The road to WWE WrestleMania took a hard curve at the 2017 Elimination Chamber pay per view. It’s now starting to make sense with Randy Orton’s win at the Royal Rumble last month. These days we live in a world of professional wrestling where people don’t have the patience for storylines to develop; something I sorely miss from back in the day. But give the bookers credit for gradually building this family feud this Wrestlemania season; and honestly for ratings purposes.

Regardless of the reason, the bookers have taken their time getting this one right. Does Cena still remain a factor in the title picture? Does he move on and start a new program with another wrestler? Does Cena/Undertaker still seem viable with just less than two months under the big day?

As of this writing, we don’t have to succumb to the 3,000th match between Orton and Cena for a title but instead we may get a fresh feud of Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt. Wyatt, one of the top heels in the WWE for a long time with a literal cult following of his family members and fans won the Smackdown heavyweight title at the Elimination Chamber match. Not only was it the right thing to do it was a well deserving thing to do for a competitor like him to go for a long period of time without a championship. But that seems to have changed for the better and for good as a co-holder of the tag team title and now a world champion in a span of the past few months.

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It’s been a long road from Husky Harris to today. Wyatt had become one of the best gimmick wrestlers in recent memory without the title. He had the potential of being this generation’s Kane as a top scary heel only to often lose the matches on the big stages of Wrestlemania and Summerslam. The question now is what path will be created for Wyatt to get to Wrestlemania without losing the title. Is it possible? Of course! But, there’s still time twists or turns to the storyline. Hopefully he doesn’t fall under the Tommy Rich curse having it for a short time and never smelling gold again.

But I don’t see it that way for many reasons. Wyatt established his character on his own and doesn’t need a General Manager or an executive to be his protégé. Wyatt takes matters into his own hands; literally and figuratively as was the case in his feud with Cena. His aura is unique and people are curious about Wyatt. His entrance is mesmerizing literally lighting up the arena when he enters the squared circle. If I only had that power and the power to blow out a lantern while simultaneously turning the lights back on in an entire arena.

Could we be getting a Wyatt family triple threat match and throw in Luke Harper? Or make it a fatal four way with Erik Rowan too? Talk about airing out your family differences in public. Wyatt is a master of feud build ups. Orton is the dangerous, sinister superstar. Harper is the unknown factor that can cause trouble and has sister abigailed Wyatt. Rowan would be another twisted factor in this feud that could prove for some good mic work, mind games, and wrestling.
Come Wrestlemania, I have a feeling any title match involving Wyatt can only be entertaini
ng at least.

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