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Bray Wyatt could have Been the Best man to Face Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 30

WWE WrestleMania 30 is still four months away but that has not stopped fans from speculating on the main events that will take place. Hulk Hogan’s name has been thrown around as a possible opponent for John Cena. Ryback versus Goldberg is being talked about once again and there is always the question of who The Rock could face if he chooses to come back.

[adinserter block=”1″]But the Deadman trumps them all. And this year, the primary rumor surrounding Undertaker is a potential match against Brock Lesnar. While this makes sense on many levels, I for one am left with the notion that perhaps someone else could have challenged The Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

It could have been Undertaker versus Bray Wyatt; and it could have been huge.

From the moment that the famous vignettes began airing back in May, fans knew that they were in for something special. The Wyatt Family was unlike anything that the WWE faithful had ever seen yet were strangely familiar at the same time.

They were one part Raven’s Flock mixed with CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society and one part Mick Foley’s Mankind character. They were the devil you know but with a little different twist.

To this day, that initial video gives me cold chills because it was so well done. It set the table for the arrival that was to come and it was all made possible by Bray Wyatt himself.

This was a guy who just got it. He understood who he was and what he was supposed to do. Bray Wyatt is the kind of character that exists despite what the rest of the world is doing; he has his own reality and anyone that steps into it is subject to his judgment.

Fans had not seen this sort of psychological warfare since the days of Kevin Sullivan, who made a career of mentally destroying opponents. The Wyatt Family was a hit long before they set foot on Monday Night Raw, as fans could not wait to see what they would do.

Their attack on Kane was just the first of many and while it seemed that the Wyatt clan was headed to bigger and better things, there was another trio who was grabbing all the headlines.

Call it bad timing, call it unfortunate circumstances, call it what you will. But for me, The Shield stole some of the Wyatt Family’s thunder. Fans had already seen Superstars outnumbered and outgunned, put down one by one thanks to three new faces who were hungry for the spotlight. And now, they were being asked to watch it all over again with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

It may not have been very apparent at the time, but this is where the booking of the Wyatts missed a key opportunity that could have set them on the road to the top.

The fact is that The Undertaker was just a heartbeat away from crossing paths with Bray Wyatt and it did not happen. The reason for that is because Undertaker’s last televised appearance was on the April 26 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, where he worked a match against Dean Ambrose.

After the match, Taker was attacked by The Shield and put through the ringside announce table. Since that night, Undertaker has not been seen or heard from in WWE. But what if it had all went a little differently?

What if the timing had been tweaked just a little bit? Bray and the family debuted on the July 8 edition of Monday Night Raw, nearly three months after The Phenom disappeared from WWE. If only Taker could have waited just a bit longer, or perhaps The Wyatt Family could have come in sooner, then the setup for Bray versus Undertaker at WrestleMania could have worked out perfectly.

But The Shield got the rub from Taker, doing something that has never been done before. They put the Deadman on the shelf with no reprisals whatsoever. Since that time, they have basically kept steamrolling over everyone put in their path. And while the attack against Undertaker has only added to their reputation as WWE’s most dominant faction, it could have been used to build Bray Wyatt as the favorite to challenge the Streak.

While it can be argued that WWE would only want to book established names against Undertaker at WrestleMania, the truth is that if events had happened differently, it likely would not have made a difference at all.

Imagine The Wyatt Family as the ones who put The Deadman down. Think of the immediate buzz that would have surrounded them, their mystique would have been built from day one. WWE would have nearly a full year to build Bray up to the point that he could conceivably beat anyone in the locker room.

And it would not even have to involve the WWE or World title. In fact, I would say that Bray doesn’t need a championship to begin with. His character is more than capable of being effective and getting over without a strap around his waist.

But the best part about a Bray Wyatt and Undertaker feud is just how much fun WWE could have had with it. Wyatt is cut from the Mick Foley mold because his of his ability to take himself to that dark place makes him the perfect rival for The Deadman.

The promos alone would have been worth the price of admission. And as far as having an opponent who could legitimately end The Streak at WrestleMania, what better talent than someone young, who has not even hit the prime of his career yet? For me, there would have been more drama in that than anyone Taker has faced in recent memory.

Sadly, this is not the match that we will see at WrestleMania 30. If it is indeed Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker, I’m sure that both men will give their all to put on a great match and WWE will do all the work necessary to promote it. They will very likely make some serious money from it.

[adinserter block=”2″]But I for one will always wonder what if.

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  1. I actually really like this idea but we all know the WWE doesn't think long term like this. They will always go with the safe established names when they can. I mean I get why since they are a company and have a fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders to turn a profit. While most companies invest in technology or R&D, this is a unique product and its hard to plan out what will be hot years from now.

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