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Bray Wyatt and the Baffling WWE Feud versus New Day

Okay so, stop me if you’ve heard this one. The biggest pro wrestling company on the planet has a great character babyface in the making, and he’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. All he needs is the right heel to turn against, and he will explode in popularity like no one could even imagine. The story needs only to be written, and he will step in to realize his full potential.

But what happens instead? That guy is booked against the hottest babyface act in the company. Now, he’s forced to resume his heel role, possibly wasting time that could be spent getting over as the next big thing. If you guessed that the guy in question is Bray Wyatt, congratulations. But it wasn’t that hard, right?

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What is going on here? Does anyone know? What would possess WWE to take Bray and put him in such an odd situation? This is a guy that virtually everyone agrees is capable of so much more, yet once again, he’s being booked in an odd situation. In fact, this may be an impossible situation.

It’s impossible for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the whole face versus heel dynamic. Fans want Wyatt to turn. They made that very clear when he returned on Monday Night Raw. They’ve also made that clear over this past year, every time they took out their phones during his entrance, or popped off his promos.

They want to cheer for him. It’s hard not to. But now, he’s being booked in a feud with babyfaces that are already established. The New Day is on fire, and has been for quite some time. They’re unquestionably on point every time they’re on camera, and no one has been able to slow them down. They consistently get the pop of the night, and that was the case long before they crossed paths with The Wyatt Family.

So they will not take the heel role against Bray. There’s just no way it would work. Fans would rather cheer for New Day than boo Bray, but the former will overcome the latter. Bray will take the heat here because he’s good at it, but it’s not the outcome anyone wants.

WWE is notorious for booking in this fashion. The audience has made its feelings known, yet the company is not listening. The desire to accept Bray as a protagonist is there, and WWE need only pull the trigger to make it happen. But instead, we get this.

The other reason why this is impossible? As much as fans want to see Bray turn babyface, no one wants to see New Day turn heel. Even now, Xavier Woods is physically showing signs of wearing down when Bray talks, as if he’s mentally being affected by it all. It’s a very minor concern right now, but that is likely going to get worse, until something major happens.

Can you say Xavier Wyatt? Sounds ridiculous, right? Yes, it does. But can any of us truly put it past WWE? Think about what we’re saying here. Wyatt Family versus New Day made perfect sense last year. But it doesn’t now; because enough time has passed that Bray should turn face. We can’t assume this is going to just strengthen New Day in the end, because it could actually tear them apart.

No one wants to see them turn heel, but even fewer want to see them split up. It’s just not a good idea. Why would WWE want to separate the hottest face act since The Shield, especially when there’s so much left for them to do?

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New Day is the perfect gimmick because it’s easy. All the hard work to get over has already been done. They’re over now, so all they need to do is what they do best, and they’re fine. It’s a guaranteed way to pop the crowd, and immediately inject life into any TV program or pay-per-view. So why ruin that? The answer is you don’t. It just doesn’t make sense.

The fact is that nothing lasts forever of course, and the same applies to New Day. Whereas The Shield was assembled to be disassembled in order to create new main event stars, The New Day was built because WWE had nothing for the three guys to do. So as soon as a direction is found for them individually, there will no longer be any need to keep them together.

But now is not the time, and Bray is not the one to split them up. The Eater of Worlds has the skills and force of personality, to do anything WWE asks of him. This storyline will be no different. However, the longer he continues to be booked in storylines that do not allow him to explore his full potential, the more chance there is that he will become old hat to fans.

Eventually, they will look at him with disapproving eyes. He will become the guy that just can’t catch a break, the new Dolph Ziggler. His potential will fade, and his light will dim. He will just blend into the company, and he will become nothing but background noise.

That is a story no one wants to hear.

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