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Braun Strowman: WWE’s Perfect Beast At The Best Time

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If Jim Ross is right, then WWE is going to have a hard time getting Braun Strowman over as a heel on Monday nights.

As he said on, Strowman, who has been impressive the past two weeks in confrontations with both Roman Reigns and then Big Show, continues to build a solid fan base, which will make it difficult for some buy into the notion he is a true heel.

“It was a stellar night [Monday] for the ongoing talent development of Braun Strowman and his show ending presentation with The Big Show was memorable. I was impressed by how hard the two, super heavyweights worked and the live audience seemed to enjoy the imploding, ring stunt.”

An exploding ring is nothing new, as it has been used in the past with Big Show. But seeing him in the ring with Strowman, who is bigger, stronger and faster than any opponent the veteran has faced with maybe the exception of Brock Lesnar was impressive. Also impressive was how both men worked well in the ring. Personally, I’d like to see them work a program as the final chapter in Big Show’s career.

Possibly a torch-passing moment.

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“Strowman is being positioned so strongly that it could be challenging for some defiant, younger males to get behind Strowman as a villain. What’s not to like about a big, bad man who kicks everyone’s ass and who has showed little if any ‘fear.’ I think WWE is on the trail of building a significant star with their positioning of Strowman.”

Ross is right. The “Strowman position” is one of the best stories on Monday nights and is the best build of a big man in some time. While wrestlers like Lesnar and Big Show walked into the role because of timing and their sheer ability, WWE has taken painstaking measures not to rush the neophyte along too quickly. That is one of the reasons Ryback failed in his attempt at stardom.

The current program with Roman Reigns, since the Big Guy retired Undertaker, is a bit disjointed. However, in this case it works. The company did the right thing by showcasing Strowman and Reigns prior to WrestleMania 33, and used the momentum of Reigns’ win as a springboard to help Strowman look strong. Now, with Reigns proclaiming he is the baddest man on the roster, there is potential for a nice tug-o-war between the two and Lesnar as the Universal Title has no real meaning right now.

There is also an angle available – should WWE want to use it – of a babyface Bray Wyatt facing his former disciple in the ring.

By the way – WWE did a disservice to Wyatt by taking the WWE World Title off his shoulder so soon. I’ll have more on that at a later date.

Strowman needs to be the focal point of Raw for the foreseeable future. A match with Reigns is once again inevitable. A match with Lesnar is a wrestling promoter’s dream. And somewhere in all of this is a chance for Big Show to have one more solid run before he finally hangs up his boots. Everything else aside, I was worried Strowman would fall like every other big man WWE has tried to sell as the “next big thing” in the past and failed.

At some point, Strowman will play the babyface role, much to the delight of the fans Ross was talking about. It could be part of the program with Reigns, but more likely it would be part of a series with Wyatt. Whatever the situation, Strowman is being built as the biggest and best thing to come through WWE in some time.

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