Braun Strowman Walks the Line Between Comedy and Dominance in WWE

Braun Strownman Brock Lesnar

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Braun Strowman’s road to WWE main event dominance is beginning once again. The Monster Among Men will be locked inside The Elimination Chamber on February 25 and the winner of that match will face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34.

Will Strowman finally get back on course? That is the question that many WWE fans are surely asking and it’s a question that’s been discussed online for several months. He seemed to be on the fast track since he exploded on Monday Night Raw as that track led him straight to the door of The Beast Incarnate.

Finally Lesnar had an opponent that physically matched up to him. Strowman was a man that couldn’t be tossed around and he was definitely not going to back down, despite Lesnar’s rampaging reputation. But Strowman’s power and determination was not enough to dethrone the champ.

One loss was not the end for Strowman of course, as the big man had already proved his mettle against Roman Reigns. Strowman had earned the fans’ approval and was one of the most popular Superstars in the company.

But when Strowman didn’t go over in his second shot at the Universal title, many fans began to wonder what the plan was. Why was The Monster Among Men being elevated to the top, only to come up short every time?

Common sense said that Strowman needed more time and there was no point in rushing him. He was moving along at a nice pace and learning as he went, so why put the belt on him too soon? He didn’t need the strap to get over and fans weren’t losing interest in him because he couldn’t win the big one.

But that did not stop the WWE faithful from becoming concerned. Why elevate Strowman at all if he wasn’t meant to defeat Lesnar for the belt? Raw’s main event scene was already a bit crowded; why add Strowman to the mix if there was no plan to make him a true top player? He looked as though he could beat Lesnar and fans bought into that idea, so why keep him in one spot while Lesnar continued to dominate?

However the biggest problem with booking Strowman to win the Universal Championship is that Lesnar versus Reigns is the main event that many WWE fans believed was inevitable. That’s not to say that anyone was happy about it; it wasn’t exactly a highly anticipated dream match.

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But all signs continue to point to Reigns versus Lesnar at WrestleMania. So if that is the case, then what is Strowman’s fate in WWE? This is where Strowman’s story begins to get a little twisted because while he is The Monster Among Men in the ring, he’s suddenly becoming a lovesick teddy bear outside of it.

The Mixed Match Challenge has been a truly welcome concept for fans that wanted something different from the company. But no one could have predicted what WWE would do with the team of Strowman and Alexa Bliss. The two seemed like an odd combination on paper but they actually had chemistry. What seemed like a silly pairing became surprisingly fun.

But when Strowman began to get weak in the knees over Bliss, it became clear that he could perhaps be in trouble. WWE has a poor track record when it comes to booking the big men; with the exception of The Undertaker, nearly every powerhouse has been reduced to comedy at some point. Was Strowman meant to go down the same path?

The character tweak has surely not done him any favors in terms of his monstrous persona. But even though that’s the case, fans seem content with just shrugging it off. Maybe that has to do with the fact that Strowman and Bliss are extremely entertaining together. Or maybe it’s because watching Strowman discover a new side to his personality is just too much fun.

However the fear is that Strowman becomes the comic relief instead of the dominant monster he’s meant to be. It’s a valid concern, especially considering the rather congested main event level on Monday Night Raw. If Strowman can’t be the top guy or the top champion, why not just present him as the big lovable comedian? Is that where WWE is headed right now? If the February 12 edition of Raw is any indication, the answer may be yes.

Strowman appeared on the Raw stage with a cello, singing a song opposite Elias. It was a scene that fans certainly didn’t expect and even though Strowman won them over as always, the spot definitely came from out of nowhere. Has Strowman perhaps turned the corner on this reimagined character?

Strowman is booked with five other guys in The Elimination Chamber and that includes Reigns. If WWE moves forward with The Big Dog versus The Beast Incarnate on The Grandest Stage of Them All, then Strowman will once again be the odd man out.

Of course Strowman is still red-hot and he’s still extremely over. Fans love the guy and they want to see him do well. They supported him during his first runs at Lesnar and they will most likely support him at The Elimination Chamber. It could be that WWE has bigger plans for Strowman and those plans may or may not include taking Lesnar down at Mania.

But if he’s not meant to be WWE’s next dominant top champion, then what is he meant to do? The Monster Among Men continues on his path of destruction while the fans continue to wonder what will happen next.

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