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Braun Stroman, Titus O’Neil and Other WWE Thoughts

I’m getting to the point where I believe WWE and its creative team has no idea what it wants to do with Undertaker and his match at WrestleMania 32. After rumors of a match with Braun Strowman was met with howls of disapproval by fans across the board, it appears the idea has been erased.

With about six weeks left until wrestling’s biggest night of the year, there is still no definitely plan for the company’s most tenured employee.

It now appears Strowman will be the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The move is the right one for the greener than green Strowman, who has little work as a singles star and winning the Battle Royal will be a stepping stone toward a push as a singles star and potential feuds with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar later in the year.

WWE needs the next great heel and may have finally stumbled upon its best chance to develop and immovable object. The problem with the newest era in the promotion has been developing heels that are true heels – not to be confused with the likes of Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins and even CM Punk when he was WWE World Champion. Fans rally behind the “bad ass” which makes it harder to portray them as the villain in a reality era.

Strowman will have no issue in getting over not only as a giant, but one of the more hated wrestlers in recent memory. How WWE plans to use him – with or without the Wyatt Family – should be part of a solid program for the summer months.


I have paid particular attention to the recent news of Titus O’Neil and his recent suspension from WWE over an incident with owner Vince McMahon.

Right, wrong or undecided, there is a certain understanding now that McMahon does not want his wrestlers acting in such a manner that shows they are running the asylum.

I ran across a story which may have shed some light on why a 60-day suspension was invoked. On the Wrestling Observer Live on February 10, it was reported by Bryan Alvarez that Titus’ suspension was intended to be a crystal clear message to the locker room to stop “messing around”.

WWE may be looking to enforce even more strict rules for their performers and be more professional. Apparently, there have been several talents who have “been riding the line” regarding following the company rules.

Since news came down from the company about the suspension, and its subsequent defending of the action, fans have taken to social media to voice their displeasure of the move. On many occasions, McMahon and the company have been accused of being “racist” following the action.


The idea to make Chris Jericho the first opponent for AJ Styles was pure genius. But what will WWE have in store for the former TNA star moving forward to WrestleMania 32?

There is one week until Fastlane and then someone else must step to the plate to challenge Styles.

I personally think Kevin Owens will be next in line once Styles walks away from the feud with Jericho, but if you look at WWE.com, there are five opponents they have mentioned as potential foes for the Phenomenal One.

The one I find most interesting is John Cena upon his return to action.

If the company is looking to replace Cena as the front man for the promotion and still has its doubts about Roman Reigns, Styles could be in line for that spot. Don’t count Dean Ambrose or Owens out either, but a Styles-Cena program would pack houses and increase ratings.

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