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Brandon Inge Is Out Don Kelly Is In

Don Kelly, Detroit TigersBrandon Inge will be out 4 to 6 weeks. Inge was hit by a pitch and fractured his hand, will not be playing third base for the Detroit Tigers anytime soon. So what? I know Tiger nation how could I say that about your beloved Brandon Inge? Well I just did and what are you going to do about it?

Brandon Inge has not had a hot bat in years. As of his last at bat Inge was batting a mere .236 with 40 RBI’s. Are these the numbers of someone who cannot be replaced? I know, I know, he makes great plays at third base but, do those plays make a difference when the Tiger’s aren’t scoring? No they don’t.

Lately when Inge came up to the plate he was almost a sure out and most of the time that was with runners in scoring position. The Tiger’s need some fresh meat at third. The team needs a boost and Don Kelly can give it to them. With Inge out the Tiger’s are forced to do some moving around the lineup and to bring a player or two up from Toledo. At the very least Don Kelly will make the transition seamless at third.

I am not pretending to know what kind of influence Inge is in the locker room. I am not here to attack his character but in baseball terms he is not a huge loss. Baseball is a game of numbers and the Tiger’s can’t simply rely on fielding percentage to be the end all be all. Inge is beloved in Detroit by most fans but some fans simply can’t wait for a new third basemen. Enter Don Kelly.

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