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Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train’s Release Date Postponed

Famous American actor and producer Brad Pitt’s “Bullet Train” has been postponed for 14 days from the actual release date. The pushing back of the date has been due to some internal reasons. Sony Pictures has stated that the action thriller would be rescheduled from July 15 to July 29, replacing Dwayne Johnson’s DC film ‘Black Adam.’

‘Where the Crawdads Sing,’ a drama-mystery from Sony’s 3000 Pictures, has secured the July 15 release date. The move allows ‘Bullet Train’ to take a breather ahead of Disney-‘Thor: MCU’s Love and Thunder,’ which will be released in theaters on July 8. Apart from the Moneyball actor Brad, various other actors like Sandra Bullock, Joey King, bad bunny, etc are also there in the upcoming movie.

Brad who is 58 years old now has been an amazing actor throughout. The list of achievements Brad has is unmatchable as he has won many awards. No wonder he is referred to as the “sex symbol” in the industry. Hence, the expectations from his upcoming movie are high as usual. The competition would be a cut-throat one as Bullet Train will be facing two other wide openers on the same release date.

‘Bullet Train’ will face two other wide premieres in its new July 29 slot: Focus Features’ horror thriller ‘Vengeance’ and Paramount’s animated action-comedy ‘Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank,’ both of which will be released on July 22. Pitt is an experienced assassin whose first day back at work doesn’t go as planned when he finds himself among many other professional murderers on the same train with a similar assignment.

The movie’s storyline is based on a best-selling book that is written by author Kotaro Isaka. The book is a Japanese novel named Maria Beetle. Pitt plays Ladybug, an assassin who boards a bullet train and meets up with numerous other assassins, including Prince played by Joey King, Tangerine played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Lemon played by Brian Tyree Henry, and Hornet by Brian Tyree Henry.

Kimura which is played by Andrew Koji is also aboard the train, a parent seeking vengeance after Prince left his son unconscious. The assassins immediately discover that their numerous targets are all linked, and their missions swiftly spin out of hand. Additionally, Leitch and Kelly McCormick, together with Antoine Fuqua and Kat Samick, are producing Bullet Train under their firm 87North.

Kotaro’s Ryosuke Saegusa and Yuma are executive producers, with Sony Pictures’ Brittany Morrissey supervising the project. The summary states, “An original cinema event, the film is a joyful, crazy action-thriller.” “Set against the background of a nonstop trip across modern-day Japan, Brad Pitt leads an ensemble cast of colorful, different assassins — all with related but opposing agendas.” Bullet Train is one of the most highly anticipated movies of Brad Pitt. The quality of the cast of the movie has already brought it into the limelight.



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