Boxing Rant – Pac Man vs. Cotto

Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel CottoI want to introduce you to my rant. Every so often, I will write an article ranting about what I hate in boxing, or who I hate. I don’t actually “hate” these people, I don’t know them, I never will, they’re on TV, so it’s easy for me to use the word “hate” for them, because I don’t see them as normal people, and they’re not – they’re premier professional boxers, all of them. But I’m a writer, and more than that, a pay per view paying fan that needs HBO and Showtime to get my fix. So I’m allowed to bitch. I ask that people comment, call me crazy, but tell me why. I love to argue.

Here is rant number 1…

HBO is good. I loved all those pre-shows they used to have for every fight – I miss ‘em, but they crossed the line when they had a half hour pre show for De La Hoya – Steve Forbes, I’m like, “How could this keep anyone’s interest for more than two minutes, let alone the fight?” But now for big fights they do a “Mayweather spawned” “24/7” four part series to get you ready. I just watched part one of Pacquiao – Cotto and I’m already bitching. Right in the beginning, and this is something Jim “I have a weird man-crush on Miguel Cotto that is borderline disturbing” Lampley was always saying, that since Antonio Margarito (37-6, 27 kayoes) got caught with plaster in his gloves, that obviously means that’s how he beat Cotto (34-1, 27 kayoes). That’s Cotto’s only loss, if you didn’t see his fight with Clottey, either. But on paper, which is what counts, his only loss is to Margarito and he’s forgiven because in a fight that had nothing to do with him his old opponent (Margarito) tried to use loaded gloves – assumption is not reality, and in his next fight a lot of people, including me, thought he lost to Clottey, and now he’s back in a mega fight? Well, there’s this boxer who was welterweight, (same weight class and I’d love to see them fight) but recently moved up to Jr Middle but could still make welter, in Kermit Cintron (31-2-1, 27 kayoes) who went to my high school. He has two losses, both of them to guess who?

Margarito! And Margarito KO’d Cotto right after he KO’d Cintron. Why isn’t that brought up? Why don’t they say Cintron got beat by loaded gloves? So a while ago they gave the recent losers Cotto and middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik a PPV where they fought bums to just get wet with, but with Cintron, they throw him to the wolves, putting him in with a Martinez that was highly ranked at a higher weight, and the decision was a draw, but Kellerman says, because of the odd circumstances, “Cintron lost that fight three times.” Well, it was a draw at the end of the night, and no one bitched about Cotto getting the nod over Clottey. Lampley’s inexcusably biased logic was that because of how vulnerable (not good) Cotto is in the ring, it makes him better to watch and cheer for, and he is then somehow excused for getting a verdict like that, while Cintron is dead to the world. So then they take Cintron and decide to make him a journeyman. There’s some great young guns coming up, unfortunately, one of the best, James Kirkland, is in prison, but HBO picks some of the young guys and shows them off, and they had this “Killer” in Angulo, so they took Cintron, decided he would be a good name to be on Angulo’s record, only a higher test for Angulo it would be. But the fight did not go as planned. Cintron schooled him, and won a deserved unanimous decision, and Angulo showed bad sportsmanship by just leaving the ring after they announced the winner.

So there are two stories, about Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron, both real Welterweights, both heavy handed, fun to watch, have held titles, been on HBO, and both only have lost to one person… Antonio Margarito, who was found putting plaster in his hand wraps before he fought Shane Mosley. So now, in the aftermath of all of that, both coming back, Cotto with a “slight” win over Clottey, Cintron a “slight” draw against Martinez, yet a dominating victory over Angulo and what happens is Cotto has a mega-fight while Cintron has a fight date coming against “TBA” that will not be televised – Also, Ring Magazine not only has Cotto high in the Welterweight rankings, he is on the Pound for Pound list!!! Cintron? He is ranked number 7 at jr Middlweight, the man he had a draw with, and in my book that means even, is at number 4. That sucks. To be honest, we should look at Paul Williams, or P-Will, he actually BEAT Margarito before he beat both Cintron and Cotto, teaching him a boxing lesson, while Margarito could have had plaster in his gloves.

There have been two boxers, Miguel Cotto and Wladimir Klitschko, who I saw through, while everyone was blind. I knew Wlad was a stiff, fighting stiffs, then he got beat down by part time golfer/boxer Corrie Sanders, and two fights later got KO’d by C minus level Lamon Brewster, to where the camp of Wladimir actually claimed he was poisoned for a short time. HA. I saw the same thing with Cotto, his career was planned out better than anything I’ve seen. The right people, at the right times, to look the right way. But eventually, you’ll have to fight someone real. Cotto did. Mosely, Margarito, and Clottey. And now I’m super happy, because there’s no way Cotto will beat Manny Pacquiao. Yeah, that’s just a fact. I don’t see any way Cotto is better at “ANYTHING” than “Pac Man” – all he has is size, and if he’s gonna win, he better use it, but he won’t.

Cotto is aggressive when he’s matched against a C Level fighter (his whole career basically, look at who he fought and what they went on to do) and when he stepped it up against Mosely, he ran! And Mosley would catch him but then was tired. It was a terrible fight. Cotto had the same plan for Margarito, plaster or not, Margarito, who I don’t even consider nearly great, (he lost to Daniel Santos – everyone forgets that) knows how to cut off a ring, and that’s what he did with Cotto, and he would have beaten him anyway, and those plaster hands didn’t hurt him as bad as Demarcus Corely did in his backyard. Then, Cotto, in my eyes and many others, got a “gift” in his last fight versus Joshua Clottey. Pac Man is a puncher, but not just that, hell, Sam Peter was a puncher, but Pac Man has a couple things Mike Tyson had – the power, AND the blinding speed. Let’s look at some stats:

Cotto – 34-1 (27)
Victims: “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Joshua Clottey, Zab Judah, Pauli Malignaggi (PS… out of those four, only got one TKO win over Zab Judah)
Losses: Got KO’d by Margarito
Facts: Won titles in two weight classes, jr. Welterweight and Welterweight. Number nine boxer pound for pound.
Current Status: Ranked Number 3 at Welterweight (147 pounds)

Pacquiao – 49-3-2 (37)
Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barerra, Erik Morales (PS… he KO’d all of them except Marquez, who he floored four times in two fights)

Losses: Lost Unanimous Decision to Erik Morales the first of their three fights
Facts: Went from Flyweight (—- pounds) to Welterweight (147 pounds) Won titles in five weight divisions, fought in six weight divisions. Number one boxer pound for pound.
Current Status: Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion (140 pounds)

I don’t know what this fight will look like, who will take the lead? Every big fight Cotto is in he fights going backwards. Pacquiao did against De La Hoya because of the size issue. I’m happy though, it will be hard for Cotto to come back after “Pac Man” beats him – if they box, Cotto will lose. If they trade, which is what Cotto would want, he will lose. And Pacquaio, besides having power and speed, is a superb boxer, actually, there’s no disputing, he’s the best in the world. Cotto was just another fantasy that is gonna come to an end. A nice little story, maybe more like a long action film HBO took part in, and when Cotto is on his back, looking up at the lights, with Jim Lampley crying again, Pacquiao can hopefully lure Floyd Mayweather into the ring so we can see the two best fighters in the world fight each other. And hopefully, we can see Cintron get a shot at Cotto, or some name he deserves.

FINAL PICK – Pacquiao wins by stoppage due to domination or cuts in later rounds

Robert Earle Stanton is a freelance writer, short fiction author and novelist.

Check out the book The Fearless Harry Greb: Biography of a Tragic Hero of Boxing by clicking here.

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