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Bosch Legacy Season 1 Episode 9 & 10: Release Date, Preview and How to Watch

The spin-off series is coming to an end.

It all started with Amazon Prime Video’s original series Bosch, the detective fictional drama series that itself took inspiration from “City of Bones”, a novel published in 2002 by Michael Connelly. The series saw huge success ever since it started in 2014 and continued its way through seven seasons and finally ended in June 2021.

However, the show’s legacy was continued into a spin-off series called Bosch: Legacy which streamed this month and continued the after story of the main storyline of the series. The first eight episodes of the series are already out and fans are eagerly waiting for the next episodes.

Today we talk about everything we know about the last two i.e. episodes 9 and 10 of the spin-off series:

Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 of the show was titled “Bloodline” and we saw the story going back to Bosch’s childhood. We were also introduced to an unknown man and a small boy who is somehow linked to Bosch’s past. As for the present, we witnessed Honey going against the LAPD again and building a new case.

On the other side, we saw Maddie on patrol where she caught a glimpse of a suspicious man and finds out after catching him that he was the “Screen Cutter” rapist. So far, all eight episodes have received positive reviews from the audience and critics alike which has built up great anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

The Plot of Episodes 9 and 10

Episode 9 of the series has been titled “Cat Got a Name?” and episode 10 as “Always/ All Ways”. We have already received the name of the director of episode 9 who will be Kate Woods and she will be directing the series for the first time.

The last two episodes will lead to the truth behind the death of Whitney Vance as Bosch will reach a climactic point. We will also witness the Russian encounter between Chandler and Bosch as Chandler prepares a case against LAPD.

On the other hand, Maddie will be making a major breakthrough in the Screen Cutter case however she might have to pay the cost of getting way too involved in her work. And we will finally witness how committed she is to the force as she has had multiple dilemmas in the past.

Bosch Legacy Episode 9 & 10 Release Date and How to Watch

The first eight episodes of Bosch: Legacy are exclusively available to watch on Amazon Freevee. Similarly, the ninth and tenth episodes will also be available to stream on Freevee. The release date for both episodes is today, 27th May, and the ninth episode is already available to stream.

Episode 10 is scheduled to follow soon after in a few hours. You can also stream the episodes on Amazon Prime Video. Both episodes will have a run time of 50 minutes.



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