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Bold WWE predictions for 2013 (Part 2) – Inside The Wheelhouse

As we close out wrestling for 2012 and welcome the year 2013 I thought it would be pretty fun to make some “bold predictions” for the WWE for the upcoming year. These predictions range from who could be turning heel or face, which wrestlers may make the climb as first time World Champions and who could be signed or even return to the WWE. Let’s close out 2012 by looking ahead in what could happen in 2013 with the second blog of my three part series!

Sting vs. Undertaker at WM 30 rumors will be come reality:

Back in the early part of 2010 the big rumor swirling on the “dirtsheets” was that Sting would be debuting in the WWE to setup a WrestleMania 27 match with The Undertaker. For many of the older wrestling fans this was one of the last real “dream matches” that still hasn’t happened. Depending on who you talk to there were either no discussions between Sting and the WWE or the discussions got pretty close. I believe we will hear those rumors yet again but this time it will actually lead to a match at WrestleMania 30.

[adinserter block=”1″]I feel like it is more of a greater possibility in years past because there is talk that Sting is really entertaining the idea right now and could sign with the WWE when his TNA contract comes up. Sting knows he is leaving a lot on the table by not signing with the WWE and as he gets older he knows if he wants that one “last moment” in professional wrestling it would probably have to be done under the WWE banner. I think come fall of 2013 the rumor of this match happening will become reality and at WrestleMania 30 we will finally see Sting vs. The Undertaker.

Ryback will NOT win a World Championship:

Yep, that’s right. One of the current hottest acts in professional wrestling will not become a World Champion in 2013. But how can the WWE build him up without having that World Championship moment to cement him as the next top guy? Simply put, there just isn’t room for him in the World Champion carousel that will happen in 2013.

I think it’s safe to say Ryback won’t be a World Champion any time leading up to WrestleMania 29 and shortly there after so we can cross that time period off. He may be involved in World Championship matches come SummerSlam 2013 but I just don’t see him being given the chance just yet. To me, WWE should continue building Ryback throughout the full calendar year and save the World Championship moment for WrestleMania 30 where fans are emotionally invested because they have seen him chase the gold for the last couple of months.

Tag Team wrestling will continue to gain momentum:

One of the most encouraging things in the WWE from 2012 was how well the Tag Team division has been rebuilt in the last couple of months. The WWE has paired together actual tag team’s, with actual tag team name’s and given us some very entertaining tag team matches. It has been somewhat of a “tag team renaissance” in recent months and something many “old time” wrestling fans like myself, have really enjoyed.

I believe that the momentum for the Tag Team division in the WWE will continue on throughout the year and become one of the more entertaining areas of the WWE on a weekly basis. Tag Team wrestling became such a lost “art” in professional wrestling the last decade that it is very refreshing to see the WWE put such a focus on it in the last part of 2012. I believe we will see more tag team’s debut/put together and a much more serious focus of tag team wrestling given in 2013 as the division continues to gain momentum.

Randy Orton will turn heel:

This isn’t the boldest of predictions I have made in this blog series but it is something I believe will happen pretty quickly in 2013. Randy Orton had one of his most quiet years in the WWE throughout 2012 and is looking to regain his top star spot in the company come 2013. While he was a decent babyface he wasn’t the “monster heel” that he was a couple years ago when he was probably the most popular with all wrestling fans.

[adinserter block=”2″]Orton is such a good heel and his character is so much more flexible when he is under the heel persona that I am surprised that WWE turned him face a couple years ago. With Randy Orton as a heel in 2013 the WWE can open up more feuds and storylines that are fresher to the WWE audience. Should Orton turn heel in 2013, which I believe he will, I would not be shocked if we get some sort of John Cena/Randy Orton feud yet again since it has been sometime since these two stars have gone at it.

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