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Bold WWE predictions for 2013 (Part 1) – Inside The Wheelhouse

As we close out wrestling for 2012 and welcome the year 2013 I thought it would be pretty fun to make some “bold predictions” for the WWE for the upcoming year. These predictions range from who could be turning heel or face, which wrestlers may make the climb as first time World Champions and who could be signed or even return to the WWE. Let’s close out 2012 by looking ahead in what could happen in 2013 with the first blog of my three part series!

Antonio Cesaro will be in the main event picture:

[adinserter block=”1″]In the last couple of months Antonio Cesaro has quietly become one of the most impressive breakout performers in the WWE. He has a great look as a wrestler, has a great presence as a heel and is a tremendous in-ring worker for his size. If Cesaro can stay healthy he is poised to have a pretty big breakout year in 2013, one that I think could push him into main event status in the company.

I really could see Cesaro being one of the major players come the summer of 2013 heading into the Fall/Winter of next year. I think he would be great as a heel in a World Heavyweight Championship feud against whomever the babyface World Champion could be at the time (Sheamus & The Miz immediately come to mind). I don’t think Cesaro will actually be a World Champion in 2013 but it wouldn’t surprise me if he contends for it on a WWE PPV next year.

“The Shield” will make an impact on the main roster:

When I was writing down some of my bold predictions back in early November I had down that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins would make an impact on the main roster as one of them. That has since changed due in-part because they are on the actual main roster now but what hasn’t changed is the impact I believe they will make. I expect “The Shield” to breathe some fresh air into the youth of the WWE heading into 2013.

Many “diehard” wrestling fans know what at least Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins can bring to the table; Romn Reigns is the question mark right now since not many diehard fans have had the chance to watch him. With that said they are playing a pretty prominent role currently which should bode well for them come 2013. I truly believe this group will be major players in the WWE throughout the year and end up surprising us all with the impact they truly make on the company.

Dolph Ziggler will be a “top” heel in the WWE:

Anyone who has watched WWE television lately shouldn’t be surprised with this current bold prediction I have for 2013. Dolph Ziggler has become the “internet darling” for 2013 due in-part to his “throwback look,” great in-ring ability and even better promo ability. Ziggler is the complete package for a young heel in the WWE and I fully expect 2013 to potentially be a “banner year” for him in the company.

Ziggler will be a great addition to the main event picture and will make a pretty good heel World Champion in my opinion. I have been impressed with Dolph Ziggler’s ability for nearly the last two years and believe that 2013 will be his opportunity to truly breakthrough the glass ceiling. It’s been sometime since we had that cocky, arrogant, Ric Flair-like heel (see what I did there) and I believe Dolph Ziggler will possess all that potential this coming year.

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