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Bold WWE predictions for 2012 (Part 3) – Inside The Wheelhouse

Since we have welcomed the year 2012 I thought it would be pretty fun to make some “bold predictions” for the WWE for the upcoming year. These predictions range from who could be turning heel or face, which wrestlers may make the climb as first time World Champions and who could be signed or even return to the WWE. Let’s close out 2011 by looking ahead in what could happen in 2012 with the final blog from my three part series!

WWE Tag Team wrestling returns:

One of my favorite rumors from 2011 was that the WWE wanted to focus back on Tag Team wrestling. They had signed Claudio Castagnoli and what we still assume would be Chris Hero to WWE developmental deals and there was even talk that the Kings of Wrestling would be brought up right to the WWE main roster to help bring back tag team wrestling. To support that cause was the fact that the WWE creative team actually formed a tag team consisting of Kofi Kingson & Evan Bourne and even gave them an actual tag team name.

[ad 6]Well I believe that the WWE continues that trend in 2012 by giving us the return of Tag Team wrestling to WWE television. Tag Team wrestling is a lost art in the WWE and needs to return to the prominence it once had. I believe the WWE is serious about this and that come 2012 we will see Tag Team wrestling being a focal point once again.

CM Punk becomes household name:

I know wrestling fans won’t like to hear this but let’s face facts; CM Punk is not a household name right now. Wrestling fans know who he is, the occasional wrestling fan knows who he is but the mainstream fan who checks in every once in a while over a time span does not. I can ask my parents (who don’t watch wrestling mind you) to name one current WWE star and they will tell me John Cena. They can also tell me that they read that The Rock is back wrestling and that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was hosting “Tough Enough” because they know who they are; when I ask them who CM Punk they think I am talking about a new heavy metal or (naturally) punk rock band.

That will all change come 2012 as I believe CM Punk will start to become more mainstream and pop up in your television sets through various other avenues so that people who don’t watch wrestling will see him & say “hey he’s a WWE superstar right?” He is going to have a huge year in 2012 in my opinion (barring any major injuries) and will star to be in that same spot John Cena is currently by being that household name. Punk is the future of the WWE right now which is hard to say since he’s been their since 2006, but after years of being pushed aside by the Cena’s & Orton’s in the world he will finally get his chance and capitalize on it.

The Rock continues to sporadically wrestle throughout 2012 beyond WM 28:

We already know The Rock will wrestle at Wrestlemania 28 (spoiler alert) but what about any other events in 2012? Will he make a special appearance like he did for Survivor Series 2011? I believe he will as he did promise the wrestling world that he was back in the WWE and would do what he could when his schedule permitted it.

I don’t believe we will see The Rock wrestle at smaller pay-per-views like Capital Punishment but he will show up at the events like Summerslam, Survivor Series and maybe “B-type pay-per-views” like “Over the Limit,” “Money in the Bank,” etc. He is going to be back and sporadically wrestle as I feel like the WWE has a lot more invested in this Cena/Rock stuff then we already believe it to be (which is a lot). The Rock sells pay-per-views and puts “butts in seats” & appears to be having fun wrestling yet again.

The WWE signs Davey Richards and/or Eddie Edwards:

The last couple of years the WWE have done a pretty good job at signing some of the best Independent wrestling talent available in the “free agent market.” They have signed Bryan Danielson (now known as Daniel Bryan) in 2009, Tyler Black (now known as Seth Rollins) in 2010, Jon Moxley (now known as Dean Ambrose), Claudio Castagnoli (now known as Antonio Cesaro) and what we assume is Chris Hero (who has yet to sign/debut/whatever) in 2011. The WWE has done a pretty good job signing some amazing talents from the independent scene that will help the WWE’s future.

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE will continue this trend in 2011 as I believe they will sign both or one of the esteemed “American Wolves” consisting of two guys who have held & currently hold the ROH World Championship, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. They are two of the best talents not signed by the WWE or TNA currently available and I believe it is time that the WWE takes a serious look at both these wrestlers & sign them to a contract. Come 2012, Davey Richards and/or Eddie Edwards will sign with the WWE.

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