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Bold WWE predictions for 2012 (Part 2) – Inside The Wheelhouse

As we close out wrestling for 2011 and welcome the year 2012 I thought it would be pretty fun to make some “bold predictions” for the WWE for the upcoming year.

These predictions range from who could be turning heel or face, which wrestlers may make the climb as first time World Champions and who could be signed or even return to the WWE. Let’s close out 2011 by looking ahead in what could happen in 2012 with part 2 of my three part series!

Zack Ryder will annoy you:

[ad 6]Whether you like him or dislike him, you have to give credit where credit is due and this guy has really helped make himself into a star in the WWE all thanks to himself. He along with Cody Rhodes have been the breakout stars of 2011 for the WWE and he is looking towards taking the same paths as past breakout stars like Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes have taken. A year ago he was working opening matches and now he is in mid-card to upper mid-card matches and feuds, he may not be the best wrestler in the ring but he likeable & has charisma, something you desperately need to be successful in wrestling.

But something we didn’t think would happen when the WWE started listening to their fans was how annoying his push could very well become. I don’t know if WWE is doing it purposely as punishment to their fan base or if it’s really just Zack Ryder but the annoyance is beginning when it comes to the “Long Island Iced Z.” I don’t believe it’s because of Zack Ryder himself but because of the WWE creative team pushing him down our throats…like the fans requested. It’s a major catch 22 for wrestling fans right now but I believe in 2012 the love for Zack Ryder will become more annoyance then anything, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ryder turns heel at some point in 2012 either.

Batista, John Morrison & RVD return:

These three wrestlers at some point throughout 2012 will make their return to the WWE. Whether it is long awaited like Batista & RVD or a shortened time away like John Morrison, they will be back wrestling for the WWE in 2012 at some point. It will be a great thing for the WWE for all three of these wrestlers to return back to the company.

How Batista has gone this long without returning to the WWE is very surprising to me. He hasn’t been seen on WWE television since after Over the Limit 2010 and went out of the WWE as one of the best heels in the business. He out of the names I just listed has the most stock out of all of them and will have a pretty big impact once he returns in 2012. A Batista/John Cena feud revisited could be something that wrestling fans will really look forward too upon his return to the WWE.

John Morrison has the most to gain right now to return to the WWE in 2012 and the most to lose if he fails to return to the company in 2012. There is no better timetable or window for John Morrison to return to the WWE then right now. The WWE has taken their fair shots at Morrison in various sources and a feud with John Laurinitis & John Morrison could be something that greatly helps his character. Morrison has a lot to gain should he return within the first six months of the year then not at all.

As for Rob Van Dam his return like Batista, has been long awaited. He left the WWE on good terms, made sporadic appearances after he left but signed with the TNA to burn a bridge momentarily. It looks like the fun he had in TNA is now over with as he has been rumored to want to return to the WWE when his contract expires in 2012. I will be shocked if Rob Van Dam does not return to the WWE this coming year.

Mark Henry becomes a huge face:

I have really enjoyed what the WWE has accomplished in 2011 with Mark Henry. They have taken a talent that has been in the company for 15 years and made him into a huge star in just six months. It makes me wonder why it took the WWE this much time to tap into the potential that Mark Henry had.

With that being said despite being an awesome monster heel there has been a lot of talk lately that it may be time to turn him face. Something that I completely agree with because he can be an even bigger star as a face then has been as a heel. Henry is a likeable guy with a monster like attitude that the WWE can tap into to make him a big deal for the company. Seeing him take on guys like Alberto Del Rio and The Miz when he turns face could even lead to him being a World Champion as a face.

Sheamus continues climb as marketable face for the WWE:

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s about damn time that the WWE gives the ball back to Sheamus. While I wasn’t shocked by Sheamus being a big star again I got to admit I was very surprised they decided to make him a face because he was just as good as a heel. It took time getting used to, especially for most of the WWE fans but he has really done a great job as a face, even more so then he was as a heel.

Sheamus is going to continue to make a huge climb in 2012 and make an even bigger climb as a guy who could assume the “John Cena role” when it comes time for that torch to be passed. He is extremely marketable and very likeable for young fans as a guy they can look up too. We have seen glimpses of him being marketable for the WWE in the past but I believe a huge face push as a World Champion will lead to more mainstream attention for “The Celtic Warrior” in 2012.

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  1. I thought Lesnar was done for sure with WWE but after getting his ass handed to him last night and retiring from the Octagon, I wouldn't be surprised if Vince goes all in to snatch him up.

  2. Thanks guys for reading the article. Don't believe Lesnar wins the Rumble and I like a Batista return to the WWE after it appears that have been separating themselves as of late from the old "PG" stuff

  3. I sincerely hope to NEVER see Batista near a wrestling ring ever again. He can barely wrestle & has a very poor attitude. Besides, he said that he doesn't "do" PG wrestling.

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