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Bold WWE predictions for 2012 (Part 1) – Inside The Wheelhouse

As we close out wrestling for 2011 and welcome the year 2012 I thought it would be pretty fun to make some “bold predictions” for the WWE for the upcoming year. These predictions range from who could be turning heel or face, which wrestlers may make the climb as first time World Champions and who could be signed or even return to the WWE. Let’s close out 2011 by looking ahead in what could happen in 2012 with the first blog of my three part series!

Daniel Bryan becomes a “monster heel”:

I have really enjoyed what the WWE has accomplished with Daniel Bryan since November 2011 when he was involved sporadically with the Big Show/Mark Henry feud. He has gone from a “loveable loser/underdog” of a wrestler to a guy who could legitimately shock the world and become a World Champion. The way Daniel Bryan has been built since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase has been very under fire and it appears that his losses & matches on low level shows like WWE Superstars could be leading to something big for “The American Dragon.”

Bryan is starting to remind me of when he started to get big in Ring of Honor in the mid-2000s. He was becoming a machine of a wrestler and a legit bad ass that you would not want to fight inside or outside of the ring. His mini-feud with Mark Henry has raised him to new heights and his on the verge of becoming a World Champion at some point in 2012.

With that will come a heel turn that will make him into a very good talent that can work with top Smackdown faces like Sheamus and Randy Orton. I believe he will serve most of 2012 as a heel and head into 2013 as one of the top heels in wrestling. I can already hear the rumor mills of a CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan match at Wrestlemania 29 developing. Daniel Bryan is going to be made into a star in 2012 and more importantly will become the monster heel that fans believe he can be.

Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler will win World Championships:

These three wrestlers are in my opinion part of a large portion of the future in the WWE. Wade Barrett has already climb the mountain of a main eventer and appears to be doing so again while Dolph Ziggler had his spotlight in the sun briefly in 2011 while Cody Rhodes may have been the “breakout star” in 2011. These three wrestlers close out 2011 with a bright 2012 looking ahead for them.

Cody Rhodes is going to be a huge star in the WWE. Has the promo ability, he has the charisma (go figure that he has promo & charisma with the last name of Rhodes) and can wrestle in the ring. Wrestling fans really enjoyed what he did in 2011 with his feud with Rey Mysterio and it was capped off with a pretty good feud with Randy Orton towards the end of 2011. Rhodes is a throwback star (go figure yet again) in a current WWE product and will be a World Champion before 2012 closes out.

I’m really happy to see the WWE re-boot the push of Wade Barrett in the last couple of months. For whatever reason he was pushed down the ladder and his talent wasn’t being showcased. Wrestling fans know he can hang with the “big guns” of the WWE after feuds with both John Cena and Randy Orton in 2010. He looks to be knocking down the door of an even bigger push then his days with Nexus and should be a World Champion in no time.

Then you have Dolph Ziggler who has quietly become the “internet darling” of 2011 thanks to the way he has been a pretty good solider for the WWE this year. He has wrestled in two matches in two straight pay-per-views and even held the World Championship for 24 hours. Ziggler is commanding the respect of fans and is a tremendous heel; a feud with CM Punk I hope is in the cards for him as well and World Championship reign to go along with it.

John Cena does not turn heel:

Let’s face facts wrestling fans, John Cena is going to never turn heel. The WWE has had their opportunities to turn him heel in the past and it would have been epic (*cough* Nexus *cough*) & failed to do it. Despite teasing John Cena possibly turning heel by letting the hatred & boos get to him lately on TV they are still not going to do it.

Cena is the face of the WWE and does a really good job with some amazing charitable organizations. There is no other wrestler on the roster that could do what he does for these organizations on his magnitude and still command a huge presence in merchandising sales. Jim Ross said it best one day on his twitter feed in that John Cena is a face to the younger fans of the WWE while he is a heel to the older fans of the WWE. However you interpret John Cena is how you interpret him. Cena is not turning heel any time soon or possibly ever.

The Miz turns face:

I was really shocked that this did not happen at all in 2011 after it was heavily rumored for the first part of the year and rightfully so being the “internet darling” he was for fans for the last couple of years. The Miz has been a pretty good heel for the last two years and had a decent run at best as WWE Champion for the first part of the year. It wasn’t until recently that Miz was back on top of the company as a top heel and marching into 2012 towards some sort of program with WWE Champion CM Punk.

While he may be a very strong heel heading into 2012 he will have to be turned face at some point to get out of this “staleness” his character has been dealing with the last couple of months. He is very marketable for the WWE and a likeable guy outside of the ring; it would be in the WWE and The Miz’s best interest to be turned face at some point in 2012. I foresee it happening right around the 2012 WWE Draft where he can head to the Smackdown brand and be an established face for the show.

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  1. Glad you guys enjoyed the blog. Anyone who has watch Daniel Bryan as Bryan Danielson knows he can carry the ball as a pretty good heel. I think the best way for Bryan to evolve at this point is for him to turn heel. It worked for CM Punk after his first World Title run & cash-in where he became a heel a year after his first reign so I'm sure it would out just as well for Daniel Bryan.

  2. Very solid predictions. I would not be surprised to see them all come true. Personally, I would love to see a Nexus reunion in 2012, with Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett being the hated co-leaders of the group. But that's just me.


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