Boise State Sucks!


Kellen MooreLet me just start by saying that I’ve grown up rooting for the Green Bay Packers, USC Trojans Football, the New York Yankees, and the Milwaukee Bucks (don’t ask).

Such an eclectic mix of small market and big market homerism speaks to my willingness and ability to get behind the ‘little guy’ with no agenda against the small market ratings killers who traditionally assume the ‘David’ role.

With that said, screw Boise State. Screw them and all these underdog programs who are using their status as a perennial David as a key marketing tool for a get rich quick scheme that could very well end in an apocalyptic appearance in a National Title Game as we cozy up to what is always a wild home stretch in college football.

To put in perspective what Boise State has to do in order to successfully parade around as the #1 college football team in the nation, is enough to discourage the average sports fans’ children from working hard at anything in life. So, in some ways, Boise State could possibly be contributing to imminent crumbling of society.

[adinserter block=”2″]In a sport where strength of schedule supposedly plays a significant role in the hierarchical landscape of College Football on a week to week basis, Boise State plays but one ranked opponent in their next five games: #25, Nevada. Previous ranked wins this season came against Virginia Tech (who lost to a little league baseball team at home the following week) and Oregon State, who isn’t even the best college team in its own state let alone its own conference and is no longer ranked.

Boise State seems to have taken this whole BCS screw job theory to a whole different level as they have keyed into the winning formula for getting rich quick in College Football. TCU’s blazing a similar trail, devoid of any legitimate competition, for its own version of the Bronco blueprint to make money fast. The only thing missing form these two schools is the infomercial, bugged crowd, and a bottle of Oxi Clean with Billy Mays screaming at you to pump up is sales may he rest in peace.

This school of thought its nothing new. Hell, the Broncos have done such a good job at being scam artists that they’ve fooled Ohio State homer turned small-school apologist Kirk Herbstreit, who has been on the campaign trail for the Broncos insisting that “this team can play with anyone”.

We know, Kirk. . Despite being in the midst of a loathsome tirade against the Boise State Bullykillers, I will be the first person to admit that the Broncos could be the best team in college football right now. They are talented. They are a force to be reckoned with.

But that’s part of the problem.

Boise State, through years of big wins on national television against big schools, can no longer be considered the little guy in the context of college football. Boise State beat Oklahoma, remember? They held down home field against the mighty Oregon Ducks, remember? Just imagine the outcry if Florida ran through the Toledos and San Jose States of the world on a weekly basis en route to the coaches trophy.

Boise State, is now Goliath, and Goliath needs to be picking on someone his own size. By continuing their ongoing charade, Boise State is simply degenerating into what they used to proudly stand against.

Boise State has become nothing more than a Goliath, parading around as a David so that they can justify playing who they play because “nobody wants to come to Boise State and be embarrassed by the small school misfits.” Because, “Hey, it’s not our fault we play in the WAC! We’re just playing the hand we’re dealt!”

[adinserter block=”1″]The Broncos moving to the Mountain West is a small step in the right direction, however it would never undo the outright injustice of this team leap frogging schools with more formidable resumes like a wet-behind-the-ears college graduate being given an executive-level job over a more polished employee whose justified salary wouldn’t be as efficient for the books.

College Football’s greatest get rich quick scheme is further evidence of the need for a playoff system despite an otherwise profitable BCS model that does in fact get it right more than they get it wrong. .

But with TCU and Boise State shrewdly looming, ready to jump at every opportunity to kidnap the 2010 BCS National Title, this countdown to Armageddon is a glaring example of an impending problem in college football that has continued to compromise its greatest prize.

Alfred Konuwa is the editor of the Big Nasty Athletic Dept. sports and entertainment blog and a featured columnist on the Bleacher Report.

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  1. I get what you are saying, but it's really not Boise State's fault. They are just playing their schedule. The people fueling them to fame are ESPN and the BCS. Blame the system, not the school. Is winning all your games a bad thing? no. They don't think they are the best team, or think that they can compete in the SEC. You see, the BCS allows Boise State to enter the realm of fame because their isn't a playoff system. Then we could see what their really made of. But thats harsh, dont blame Boise State, BLAME THE SYSTEM.


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