Bobby Lashley Unimpressive In Win Over John Ott

Bobby LashleyFormer WWE star Bobby Lashley hoped to make a statement Friday night. He did and the statement is that he still needs a lot of work. Lashley earned a win over John Ott at Titan Fighting Championships 17 but it was hardly the win you’d expect from a -1800 favorite.

Bobby Lashley’s MMA career hasn’t quite turned out as well as former WWE teammate Brock Lesnar. Lashley’s career on the other hand has turned out to be something of a joke among MMA fans and media. The former pro wrestler turned fighter has talked a big game yet hasn’t fought anything close to elite competition in 2 ½ years of fighting. As a matter of a fact an argument can be made that the level of competition continues to lessen with each Lashley fight. I mean after all it can’t get any worse than fighting a former middleweight with an 8-8 record.

The entire broadcast was a bit of a joke. Lashely was featured all night in interviews and vignettes. Lashley talked all throughout the night about how he was going to silence his critics, make a statement, etc. Knowing he would be fighting a guy that has fought two weight classes under him in the past just made the entire thing look like a charade throughout the evening.

John Ott gave up 37 pounds to Lashley coming into the fight. Quite honestly it looked like a 50 pound difference. Lashley opened up as expected with a flurry of strikes and took Ott down. Lashley brutalized Ott with ground and pound to the point that the announcers wondered if Ott’s corner was going to throw in the towel. Ott survived the round and immediately won over the Kansas City crowd who were all pulling for the underdog.

Lashley came out gassed to start the second round. Lashley had very little left as Ott seemed to feed off of the crowd’s energy. Lashley wound up taking Ott down again about a minute into the round. Lashley was blown by this point and didn’t offer much on the ground. Unfortunately the size difference made it nearly impossible for Ott to escape. Frank Trigg on commentary pointed out several submissions that Lashley had available and said, “he just doesn’t know them.” Apparently he didn’t because the round went the distance.

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Lashley was blown by round three and could barely stand up. Yes the -1800 favorite with a 37 pound advantage was in worse shape than the guy he beat up badly in the first round. Ott looked alive and the crowd was going nuts in favor of the underdog. Ott started peppering Lashley with strikes as Lashley critics stood on their feet. Unfortunately Lashley countered by taking Ott down and laid on his opponent to the boos of the crowd.

Bobby Lashley defeated John Ott via unanimous-decision win, 29-27, 30-27 and 29-27. The crowd hated this and booed Lashley loudly during his post fight interview. When the announcer asked the crowd to give it up for Lashley, they went crazy. Note to all MMA announcers: If the crowd is booing a fighter, it is probably best not to encourage it and just leave well enough alone.

Lashley is still under contract to Strikeforce but opted instead to take a fight against journeyman middleweight fighter John Ott for Titan Championship Fights on Friday night. Lashley is coming off a loss to another journeyman fighter Chadd Griggs and hoped to “silence critics.” Well this is the way color commentator Frank Trigg responded immediately after the fight when he was asked whether Lashley silenced his critics.

“He made them louder. His cardio still isn’t that good. He can’t finish a fight unless a guy just stands there like a Wes Simms and decides he just wants to get beat up. Basically what he is a high caliber college wrestler who spent some time in the WWE (no respect TNA, no respect at all), that has crossed into fighting without learning anything else.”

Lashley said after the fight he hopes to fight four or five more times this year.

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