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Time for Bobby Lashley to step up

Bobby LashleyBobby Lashley says he wants to fight Fedor Emelianenko. He says he wants to fight Brock Lesnar. So how does Bobby Lashley satisfy his thirst for top level competition? Bobby Lashley will fight Chad Griggs at Strikeforce: Houston in August.

It has been two and a half years since the former WWE superstar entered an MMA ring for the first time. Following in the steps of fellow WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley was seen as an up and coming MMA heavyweight star. 2 ½ years later tells a much different story. Brock Lesnar has stepped up to fight the best while Bobby Lashley has done nothing but talk about fighting the best.

Unlike when some ex-WWE wrestlers announce their MMA intentions, people actually took Bobby Lashley seriously when he made the leap. Lashley with his background as a standout college and Army wrestler was expected to do big things in MMA. Between his background and his ability to just explode on opponents, big things were expected out of Lashley. I think it is fair to say that 2 ½ years later that Bobby Lashley has been a huge disappointment to the point of embarrassment.

In the 2 ½ years that Bobby Lashley has been fighting, he has yet to step up and fight real competition. It is understandable for someone like Lashley to take light competition early to see how he would hold up mentally and physically in the world of MMA. But it has been 2 ½ years and we are talking about Bobby Lashley vs. Chad Griggs? The irony here is that less than a month ago Lashley was interviewed and said “I’d fight Fedor,” and said the same thing about Brock Lesnar. It is time for Lashley to step up or dust off the tights and go back to wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]This isn’t to say that Lashley hasn’t been impressive in the MMA ring. He definitely has. Lashley’s first round TKO win over Wes Sims was impressive. You may say, “Well Wes Sims has 38 wins and is a UFC veteran. Isn’t that impressive?” The match was made with less than a week for Sims to train and he showed every bit of that in the fight. Unless you call a fight against Bob Sapp in 2009 high level competition, all of Lashley’s wins have been against subpar talent.

Somehow or another Lashley has managed to fight for 2 ½ years without even sniffing real competition. He has really turned into quite a joke in such a short time. When I watch fighters in the UFC and Strikeforce step up without a whole lot of experience all of the time against the best in MMA, Lashley just looks like a former pro wrestler taking safe fights for a big pay day. Hell, the Florida State Boxing Commission barely sanctioned Bobby Lashley vs. Jimmy Ambriz because they thought it was too one sided. When in the world did you ever hear of a state athletic commission possibly calling off a fight because it is too one sided? Rarely does this happen because most fighters want real competition.

It isn’t like Strikeforce doesn’t have MMA heavyweight competition? Strikeforce probably has a more balanced heavyweight division than the UFC (balanced, not better). Lashley could have easily fought Big Foot Silva, Brett Rogers, or even Andrei Arlovski. Yet he takes a fight with Chad Griggs who will be fighting his third fight since 2007? Are you kidding me? The Batista fight would probably be more competitive.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is real simple. Don’t go jumping on television shows calling out guys like Fedor and Brock Lesnar when you have no intentions of fighting them or anyone even ranked in an MMA heavyweight division. The spectacle of seeing Bobby Lashley in MMA was fun, but those days are long gone. In a sport where warriors step up and fight the best on a weekly basis, Bobby Lashley is not only embarrassing himself but he is embarrassing an entire sport. Step up and fight the best or lace up the boots and jump back in the ring with Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon, wait a minute he didn’t even wrestle the best!

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  1. i look at Lashley approaching MMA much like when Anthony Mundine made the jump from rugby league to pro boxing. Mundine has been rightly critised for orchestrated fights against mismatched apponents, but eventually he had to step up. Give Lashley some time. Eventually he will fight for a title and there will be nothing to hide behind.

    – except he will still be on the roids – somehow.

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