Bobby Lashley Vs. Eddie Sanchez Signed For TFC 19


The Bobby Lashley MMA experiment will continue on July 29. Lashley will take a slight step up in competition and face former UFC heavyweight Eddie Sanchez at Titan Fighting Championships 19 in Kansas City, KS.

Lashley will look to get his MMA career back on track after an embarrassing performance against John Ott in his TFC debut back in March. Lashley outweighed Ott by 37 pounds and was a huge favorite going into the contest. The fight opened with Lashley unleashing an onslaught of strikes on 8-7 Ott in the first round. Lashley quickly gassed out in the second round after being unable to put Ott away. Lashley hung on for the win and avoided what almost became a huge upset as the fight closed.

[adinserter block=”1″]The fight was expected to gain an easy win for Lashley and silence his critics. Instead, his critics looked past the win and continued to question Lashley’s commitment to MMA. TFC color commentator Frank Trigg went nuts on Lashley after the fight questioning everything from his conditioning to his heart.

He made them louder. His cardio still isn’t that good. He can’t finish a fight unless a guy just stands there like a Wes Simms and decides he just wants to get beat up. Basically what he is a high caliber college wrestler who spent some time in the WWE (no respect TNA, no respect at all), that has crossed into fighting without learning anything else.

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Ouch! You know it is bad when the promotion’s own color commentator is ripping you…after a win nonetheless. Was Trigg a little too hard on Lashley? I don’t think so. Lashley has been in the MMA game now for two and a half years and appears to be regressing. His skills appear to be more one dimensional than they were when he debuted against Josh Franklin and his cardio has actually gotten worse. On top of that, Lashley continues to step down and choose easier competition than test himself at an elite level. After two and a half years something has to give.

I will give Lashley a bit of credit here in taking a fight with Eddie Sanchez. Sanchez is not exactly Brock Lesnar, but he isn’t John Ott. He certainly has the most experience of any of Lashley’s last opponents. While Sanchez is coming off of a two-fight losing streak, he was riding a four-fight winning streak between 2009-2010 prior to hitting the skids.

[adinserter block=”1″]According to a recent interview with former WWE superstar Dave Batista, Strikeforce were very close to finalizing a Batista vs. Lashley MMA fight. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon how you see it), Scott Coker failed to close the deal and the sale to Zuffa ended negotiations.

Bobby Lashley could turn things around if he can put away Eddie Sanchez in impressive fashion. Unfortunately Lashley hasn’t had an impressive win since he beat Wes Simms last year, who took the fight on less than two week’s notice. It is one thing for Lashley to lose out to a fighter who has a better skill set, but continuing to gas out in fights is a sign of laziness in my opinion. If there is one thing Lashley could improve over two years with enough work it is his cardio.

Nobody is going to take him completely seriously until he can fight for three solid rounds without looking for an oxygen tank.

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